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I have an interview coming up for a promotion to an officer position.

What are some typical questions I might expect?

I assume the typical "what are your weaknesses," "how can you overcome tough situations" etc questions, but what are some other typical questions I might expect and can prepare for?


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Be prepared for situational questions related to the position. "As an officer, this might happen. How would you handle it?" "You're faced with this scenario. As an officer, what would some of your thoughts be?"


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In addition to what Chimpie said, you might get asked:

"Why do you want to be (position)?"
"Why do you think you're qualified for (position)?"
"Why should we pick you instead of someone else?"
"Where do you see yourself in _____ years?"
"Do you have any experience supervising people?"
"What are the biggest issues someone in this position would face? How would you handle them?"
"Name a particularly stressful situation you were in and how you handled it."
"What do you think of (person, policy, procedure, new initiative)?" For example, "What do you think of ePCRs?" These are hard to get right because they often mean the interviewer has a strong opinion about that person or thing. A rule of thumb would be not to criticize anyone, and temper criticism of anything else with a suggestion about how to do it better.

I'm not saying these are all good questions -- just familiar ones.


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What is your management style?
your boss gives your crew a new policy that you don't agree with. what do you do? how do you enforce the policy to your subordinates?

Although, in my experience, supervisors are often already selected by management before the interviews takes place, not that it's the right way to do things.... but it's rarely the best candidates that gets the job, and all too often the one who will get a great yes man for the decision maker (or whose been there longest, etc).