Impressive Foul-Up


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Check out this article from Austin American-Statesman:

Autopsy report: Private ambulance company paramedic responsible for Pflugerville man's death

Long story short, Allegiance Mobile Health medic on a high profile 911 posting managed to kill somebody with an impressively stupid decision and poor execution.

Turns out they don’t have training programs, their clearance process and credentialing are jokes and their internal controls are nonexistent.

You get what you pay for I suppose.


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In the report, pathologist Satish Chundru said the man received a cricothyroidotomy, an incision through the skin to open an airway, that he did not need.
the paramedic administered an unnecessary cricothyroidotomy????? There HAAAAAAS to be more to the story.... Like, most paramedics do a cric as a last ditch effort to establish an airway... there have to be more details that are being omitted. I want to hear the paramedic's side of the story.
Perkins said Fire Department paramedics often have had to intervene to provide the high-level care that Allegiance medics have not. ESD No. 2 paramedics sometimes respond to the same calls as Allegiance.

“It’s not uncommon that we do intervene, either preventing unnecessary actions or we help with procedures where an individual provider is not able to do that,” Perkins said during a council meeting Sept. 12.
So ESD No 2 sends paramedics... as does Allegiance...

It sounds like the ESD doesn't want to pay for quality EMS services. And you get what you pay for.

You can only have two options when it comes to EMS services: Fast, Good, or Cheap... Can you guess which two the AHJ chose?


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Yeah the article left more questions than answers. Doing a cric is a last ditch effort, what happened that lead to that action.

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No way to know what led to what turned out to be a disaster, validated by the ME, but my cynical me sees a fire chief licking his chops at the prospect of adding an ambulance division with his salacious "for profit" ambulance comment in the midst of a families tragic loss. Just a tacky, public leveraging of a crappy situation with an all too willing local media that would throw him under the bus in a second if it meant clicks/ratings. Naïve.


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2 doses of Midazolam doesn't cause that much of a respiratory problem. Heck, 15mg Midazolam plus 10mg Haldol doesn't cause that much respiratory problems