I passed the NREMT CAT the first time with 150 questions, if you think you failed you probably passed


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I am writing this thread to help all of the test takers freaking out while awaiting their results. I took my test on the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving in 2019 LOL. Yes, you read this correctly, I had to wait from Wednesday at 330 pm after getting 150 questions until DEC 2nd 2019 Monday Morning to find out my results...When you pass it will say "Congratulations on successfully completing the cognitive exam". I actually called the NREMT to verify this statement means I passed lol. I retired from Florida where I passed the state test never planning to work elsewhere and decided to move to Nevada and get my paramedic license here (they only require the written CAT for reciprocity). I don't plan on taking the full NREMT or applying for an NREMT license only getting my Nevada which I will now have. I post this not to brag that I passed, but to help my fellow test takers who always hear that if you get to 150 you failed, it's not true. I believe I got many "test" questions that they were trying out as some of them were pretty off the wall for a paramedic test but I have no way to know this for sure. I STRONGLY believe the NREMT needs to make this process easier as there is already a National Paramedic Shortage and with class now costing $10,000 and some medics still only making 10$ an hour, something has to give. Relax, go outside and check your results later.