Hey everyone!


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I haven't been on in a while, getting settled here after moving to California 6 weeks ago.

I landed a job with an OP surgery center as an admin... starting as a temp but I have just been informed that they intend to hire me permanently. (Sweet!)

My BF and I are preparing to update our CPR class together... and in a few weeks we will be going to the campus to arrange for the EMT-B courses starting in January.

I have already taken the classes and passed with flying colors a few years ago, but my NREMT expired last year. My BF has decided he wants to give it a try... so I decided to take the classes with him. Figured I could help him study.

I already found a Medic program close by that we're both interested in - so maybe in a few years we'll go down that road too. :)

I am excited to get back into the street life again. I have missed it. :)

Talk to you all soon.