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Hello! I just got a job offer for Gold Coast (AMR affiliate) in Ventura county. They said they start all new EMTs with no prior experience on Gold Coast with IFTs and offered me that job, which I accepted happily. It definitely makes sense to me to get some experience before jumping into 911 calls and I'm thrilled to be working for this service (my other job offer was for Amulnz which I was not eager to accept, so I'm glad I declined it). Does anyone know about the process down the road to internally transfer from gold coast IFT to 911 AMR-- such as when it normally occurs and if it is a difficult process? Any input in general on Gold Coast in Ventura County would be helpful as I'm fresh out of the NREMT and my EMT course (at Santa Barbara City College). Thank you!


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I’m guessing you have to do at least 6 months at Gold Coast and then once a spot open at AMR for 911 you can transfer within. Of course this probably is based of seniority as well.
As for having to “test” for the 911 gig, I am not 100% sure but I’m guessing you will have to redo a few FTO shifts on 911 side when you transfer.


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Gold Coast is a 911 provider… You have to put your time in on the BLS IFT side before you can work on the ALS side. You should probably do some research on that.