Food for First Responders at McDs


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Here in central PA we have been swamped with donations of food, drinks and snacks. Each station has boxes of ice cream treats from Hershey. We've had meals donated. Cases of chips and snacks and energy drinks are piled up in the crew room.

But, the “donate to the first responders” thing hits me wrong.

We are all working and getting paid. Some of us are working overtime, but not more than the usual. We go home at the end of the day and have dinner with our families, just like before. We all still have benefits and get regular paychecks. We all still live our lives

I understand that everyone wants to help, and first responders are an easy way to “do something“, but wouldn’t all these donations be better served going to families that aren’t working? People who have non essential jobs who are stilling at home waiting for the pandemic unemployment benefits package to go live, so they can buy food for their family?

I appreciate all of the community support, but it feels like it’s misguided. What do you all think?
You took the words right out of my mouth.