Explanation of my Signature


I put the M in EMTLife
Community Leader

As some of you may have noticed, my signature and avatar were changed on July 28th.

It seems my computer was infected with a Trojan virus. Simply put, it sent all the data I typed to a "hackers" computer. Unfortunately part of that data was my password to this forum.

After scanning both of my home computers with 2 virus scanners, I can confirm that I have no viruses. Right before I left for work on the 28th I got a virus warning from Norton, but didn't have time to investigate it. It seems the virus was deleted during one of Norton's daily virus scans.

Neither the forum or the server were hacked. No administrative functions on the forum were performed. The password I use for this forum is unique, so they had access to nothing beyond my account.

At this time the 203.* IP subnet has been blocked. This means that access to the site has been blocked to much of asia, and specifically Vietnam. After reviewing the logs, in the 6+ months this forum has been active, not a single member or legit visitor has come from this IP range. Blocking this IP range is common practice is many online industries, and until I figure out a better solution, I feel this action is acceptable.