Eureka CA Ambulance companies


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hey all, looking to relocate to Eureka CA in a year or so, curious about companies up there and opinions on them. I will be a new Paramedic. I’m aware of city ambulance but curious about other 911s in the area or even IFT, does falck or bigger companies have a presence in the area? Looking for flexibility for school schedule



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Well there's Arcata, and from what it looks like, their equipment doesn't look too bad (All mods and power cots). Little mom and pop from what it sounds like. I was interested in them awhile back, and I straight up had to ask for a copy of their application to be mailed to me, after calling them (and I think it was actually the station I found the number to, not ops... if there is one.). Very very very small company. But they were pretty chill and helpful, so that was nice.

Otherwise, you could go up to Del Norte if you're down for a drive. Good reputation from what I've heard, but not too great on the equipment side with vans, and manual gurneys. Though they're a bit bigger than Arcata, so you may have more luck for school with them. Unfortunately, no AMR's or Falcks up there to my knowledge.

Good luck!