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Equipment for Mexico

Discussion in 'Wanted!' started by ethomas4, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. ethomas4

    ethomas4 Forum Crew Member

    Hi all,

    I am an EMT- I working in mexico. It is a lot of fun working here! However, some of the hospitals lack basic equipment, or if they do have it, it is very bad quality. If you or your company can please help me (well you would be helping out the people and docs of mexico) out by donating equip OR if you know where I can get some equipment please let me know..I am currently in the states, so maybe we could work out shipping/pick up if possible.

    mainly looking for:

    Bp cuffs
    12 lead ECG machines (that dont use stick on electrodes--they dont have the money to keep buying the electrodes)
    Heart Montiors/Defibrillators
    O2 Tanks
    Eye eval equipment


    If you can, help some people out that really need it!!

    Thank you very much!!

  2. mycrofft

    mycrofft Still crazy but elsewhere

    If you have not done this before, if you "go big", beware the border issues like needing "special permits" and needing to transfer loads (by paying people) from US trucks to Mexican registered trucks. Maybe carry as much as possible as personal luggage or something.

    A former co-worker got a flatbed truck full of stuff (included big stuff, some office equip, some older computers etc) and it stalled at Chula Vista CA for about two months before they had the money and "permits" to move it across.
  3. ethomas4

    ethomas4 Forum Crew Member

    thanks for the heads up!!

    I have done it by plane carrying euip as personal luggage. Even that was a CLUSTER F.

    I go down enough that I guess i could carry everything as luggage. Some times the fire fighters here help me with shipping things.
  4. Asclepius911

    Asclepius911 Forum Lieutenant

    You could carry it accross the boarder in your car ASLONG as it is not obvious, yo trabaje antes para depto. De equipajes end una aerolinea que viajaba a mex gdl cun aca mty, y ay formas en como pasar equipaje sin que aduanas te cobre Los impuestos ni ensiñar lincensia de "broker" si quieres mas informacion dispare me un PM ... but yeah customs will confiscate your equipment and you wont be able to retrieve it with out a broker if customs sees that you have tooo much equipment (they think you will use it for sale, so they need to charge you taxes and compare price of product to an equivalent to what is sold in mexico) we called you guys "fayuka " .. as long as its not to obvious they will not confiscate, however I think you can also work out a deal with customs if you have proof of it being a donation for humanitarian purposes.

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