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Just Another Day In Emergency Medical Services

I delivered a baby on the ambulance gurney;

I baptized a newborn whose life ended before it began.

I hugged a frightened child;

I was kissed by an intoxicated old man.

I held the hand of a teenage girl as she delivered a 3-pound baby;

I listened to the mournful squeak of a stretcher being wheeled to the morgue.

I gently stroked the fragile hand of a 102 year old woman;

I hesitated at the outreached hand of a 300 pound prisoner in handcuffs.

I trudged for 10 hours in my boots;

I had a teenager vomit on those same boots.

I rubbed the feverish body of a 14 year old cancer patient;

I cradled the ice-cold hand of a child hit by a car.

I was referred to as "an angel of mercy;"

I was called every four-letter word in the book.

I always see fear in people's eyes;

I never see joy or relief.

I listened to a tormented voice pleading for the preservation of life;

I heard the threatening words of one bent on self-destruction.

I spoke with the girl who was hoping she had the flu, not a pregnancy;

I see innocent people hurt or killed by a drunk driver, and the drunk driver is never hurt.

I marveled at the genius of a cardiologist;

I saw a 12 year old boy who shot himself in the head, and the gun was still loaded at his feet.

I talked in circles with a schizophrenic person;

I was horrified at the battered body of a child whose parents were incapable of love.

I gazed at a horribly burned body;

I shuddered at a cold water drowning.

I see women beaten up by their spouses, but they never press charges;

I walk into houses and do CPR with family watching over my shoulder in tears.

I arrive at serious auto accidents, and the first words I hear are, "Am I going to die?;"

I find out hours later they did die.

I listen to the repeated question, "Why?" from a family devastated by death;

I search my soul for the answers to their question.

This is just another day in EMS.

---Derek Perry, EMT-I, Foothill Ambulance Co., Sacramento, CA


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Wow, I think I almost cried.



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