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I took my NREMT after a year of completing my course, quickly got all the certifications/licenses and everything I needed and applied for Care Ambulance in Orange County, Interview yesterday and was told today that my application process would not continue due to my “experience, skills, and qualifications” not being close enough to match the position. I obviously did not have any EMT work experience as I just passed my NREMT last month but I’ve seen people get hired by Care who also had no experience what so ever.. so what could have possibly gone wrong? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
P.s. I reached out to Care to thank them for their consideration, asked when I can reapply and if they can offer any feedback on what went wrong during my interview. I’m not 100% I’ll be able to reapply as I plan on going into the Fire Academy around this time next year. I also went ahead and applied for Lynch, Emergency, and AMR.