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Hello all,
I am looking to start my career in EMS at EMSA and I have a few questions.
I received my EMT-B in 2016. Upon receiving that I worked for private transport doing non emergent stretcher and wheelchair calls (essentially not using my EMT skills). I did that all the way up until this year, where I have been working at a wound clinic as a secretary/driver for hyperbaric patients, again not really using my EMT. All this to say, I am outdated on my skills, very outdated.
So my question is, will EMSA hire me even though my skills are rusty or do I really need to hit the books again and make sure I’ve got it all back before even applying?
Also I am new to this area (been here for a year), how much will that affect me working at EMSA?

I appreciate any feedback as I am ready to work in EMS and gain as much experience as possible.