EMS services in Northwest Arknasas??


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I've been searching on google for any EMS services in the NorthWest Arknasas such as Bentonville, Rogers and Springdale areas. I've only found 2 EMS services and have been told there are alot more. Can anybody help guide me to the right websites or Companies that are in the Northwest AR area. Also, if anyone knows of anybody hiring and pay rate if possible.



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Central EMS runs 911 and IFT in the city of Fayetville and the surrounding county. Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville all run an ALS Fire Departmennt, so you have to be hired by them to run on there rescues as a Fire/Medic. Great Departments by the way.

Furhter south of NWA you have Southwest EMS in Van Buren and of course Fort Smith EMS in well....you guessed it....Fort Smith. Great experience in FT Smith, with 12hr shifts.

And of course you have EMSA based out of Tulsa, OK which is about an hour West of NWA.

Not too sure on pay...but you can give them a call and see what they offer.

Noticed that you were basic....EMSA, Southwest, and Central would be your only options. Ft Smith runs dual medic rigs.