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Hey y'all! I'm starting out my journey in prehospital care by getting my emt-b this summer and I'm wanting to immediately start testing and using my knowledge and skills in the field after I'm certified. If anyone can recommend a good EMS to volunteer with (or even work part-time) that's in the greater Houston area I would much appreciate it!

Also do you think that it's an advantage to have field experience before getting the emt-i training? I've been working in the healthcare field for 4 years, and i've been a nursing student off and on (long story) so I have a good working knowledge of a&p, some pharm, BSI, patient care, vitals, IVs, basic assement, basic ekg interpretation, etc. I'm just wondering if I should start getting some experience running calls before even enrolling in emt-i courses.

Last question: how does pre-hospital care compare to the critical care area? I've been working in the ICU for several months and I've heard several people say that it will be great experience when I go on to get my emt-p and beyond. What exactly does that mean? Is it similar to what medics do in field?



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I can give you the names of a few great services to volley for but need to know what side of town you are on.

Field experience can only help before and during school, it gives you something to relate to while learning. Especially if you get a partner that is willing and able to teach and help you out.

The ICU is very different from the field. Pre hospital is all about starting a treatment process in order to improve the pt outcome while the ICU is about maintaining and improving pt outcome after the treatment process has been established. The ICU has more diagnostic testing capablities along with additional equipment that can be adjusted to meet the pt needs and ongoing complications. In the field you dont have those luxuries. It does help though in the aspect that you are able to see how a pt does from the beginning to end of treatment and understand why certain things are done and why they are done in a particular order.

I hope this helps some.


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First off Houston has some 300 EMS companys. Most do non emergent transfers. So lots of low paying no benefits type jobs.

Second. As to being a volly. WHY? By giving your services away for free it only helps keep pay so low.

Third. If you are looking to become a Paramedic do not stop just enroll in a Paramedic degree program that includes emt. There is no proven benefit for stopping at an entry level position that will not allow you hardly any 911 patient contact.


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Agree with 417.

If you want to be a medic, and you have classes under your belt already - perhaps looking into transferring credits over to one of the two year AA paramedic courses offered at the schools around here.

Time in the ICU will help some at the P level due to a better familiarity of the technology and illness/injuries you may see on calls.

Good volunteer places.. I can't attest to them being "good" as I try my best not to give out work for free. There's many depending on what part of town you're in. SE - Friendswood, SE Volunteer off the top of my head.


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I agree with 721.