DUI Driver hits 9 people in Fullerton CA, how does a bystander respond?


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This just happened 3-4 days ago. Right in the middle of Downtown Fullerton(A hotspot for bars, and in front of my personal favorite) a driver ran over 9 pedestrians after finally ending against a tree. Multiple people were pinned underneath the truck as well.

This got me thinking, if you are off-duty, or even just a regular joe with no experience in this field, what should you do? Watch the twitter video showing bystanders attempting to lift the vehicle and release the pinned victims.



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I guess you do what they did...act.

I always hate the Howler Monkeys...no added value, only contribute to stress and unnecessary or unneeded noise.


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I'd call 911. once the rescue crews are on the way, start trying to get people out from under the car.

with enough help, it is possible to lift a car, at least enough to pull people out from under it.


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In this situation, do as little as necessary. Recognize the hazard the crowd presents, acknowledge my limitations, attempt to identify any immediate and address life-threatening injuries, and if possible - gain the assistance of someone much larger and louder than I am to execute my plan.


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My team goes out and teaches courses like Active Bystander Training and You Are The Help Until Help Arrives, which helps individuals go from being a Passive Bystander to an Active Bystander. They show the importance of taking action, whether it's just calling 911 or providing care, and how it saves lives.

They also talk about why people take action and why they don't. They talk about Good Samaritan Laws, and squashes the myth of that people are out there suing bystanders often.

As we see in the story above, multiple victim incidents are becoming more common. Bystanders are needed to help stabilize victims until rescuers arrive. Just look at what happened in Aurora yesterday. It took over 90 minutes to find and neutralize the shooter. Were first aid kits available around the facility? Tourniquets? When you're out and about, are you prepared to be trapped for that long? (I don't know how long it took to evacuate everyone, just throwing out a scenario)

So back to the OP, what would I do? Manage the situation as best I can, organize the masses, take action as needed, and inform fire/ems when they arrive.