Does physician evalutation for Ambulance Driver's License expire?


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I had my physician's exam on 6/10/19 and my DMV appt for my ambulance test is tommorow, is my physician's exam still valid? or would I need another exam? I already have my livescan and EMT cards, just needed my physician apt to take the test. Btw how hard is the ambulance test?


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1) the ambulance test is not very difficult but there are a lot of obscure questions. You get 3 back to back attempts to pass it. If you don’t pass after attempt 3 you must pay again and then you get three more attempts.

2) your DOT physical expires in either 1 or 2 years (it depends on what the doctor doing the physical puts down), for example if your BP comes back high during your assessment then you may only get cleared for 1 year.

3) your normal physical can not do a DOT physical unless they are certified for it (they will be given a certification number. The doctor who does the exam will fill out all the paperwork make a photocopy of it and then hand you back the paperwork. On the paper that is the actual certificate you must carry on your person any time while driving the ambulance it will list your expiration date and any restrictions (ex. must wear glasses).

This is all assuming you are taking about the California DMV/Ambulance license process.


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For those of you that are going through the DOT physical, remember that providers other than physicians are also able to perform the exam. They do, however, need to be certified to perform the exam. Certain APN's, PA's, and Chiropractors can also do the exam. If they're able to do the exam, they'll usually advertise that they can do it. The person administering the DOT physical exam must be listed on the "National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners" or the exam will not be valid. A valid DOT physical exam will only be valid for a certain length of time and you'll be told when yours will expire, keep a copy of the report so you'll be able to refer to it later as to the expiration date. If you're a pilot, your FAA medical doesn't likely substitute for an exam performed under the FMCSA regs, even though the FAA exam likely is a more in-depth and rigorous exam.