Do you 5K? 10K? Marathon? Triathlon?


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Let's see, at least one half marathon every year for the last three, sprint triathlons (had to cut back to one due to work/life imbalance this year) but did 6 last year, and started getting into racing Xterra (offroad triathlons) last year. Still train like I'm racing, but my weekends are just chewed up. Love running in the rain, hate biking in the rain....

Is there a specific race you do annually?
Rock'n'Roll Half, usually the Triple Threat Tri Series, Seafair Triathlon and the Federal Escape until they stopped hosting that race... :(
How did you get started?
Started racing tris on a whim, figured why not, that was 10 years ago
What makes a good race?
A good race for me is any time that I can finish and feel good about my performance, and a podium finish doesn't hurt either.


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I was curious to know if any of you participate in any races... as an actual participant, not EMS standby.

Is there a specific race you do annually?
How did you get started?
What makes a good race?
Haven't participated yet but I'm training for the big one (marathon) currently. I can do 10 miles on an average of an 8:30 min pace. I started running to lose weight for my job (helicopter =220lbs), but I fell in love with running. It's my stress reliever and time to get all my thoughts together. Start running... a good time is anything faster than your previous time.


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Grew up swimming and riding bikes. Got started riding bikes with my dad, still do ride bikes with hime when I get the chance.

Used to race bikes, mostly on the road, and focused on stage racing, but also some cx. I actually started racing cx, then did road racing to stay in shape, and was waaaay better on the road then on the cx bike. Especially stage races. I like the suffering and picking opponents off, one by one, as the days go by. Cx races are great for the atmosphere, the heckling, and the beer.

Now I train brazilian jiu jitsu. Well, actually I haven't been since I've been in school, but I'll back on the mats again once I'm done. BJJ competitions can be kind of a bummer because if you make a mistake in your first round, there's no way to recover. All that money for so little actual competition time. Sub only competitions are better in that regard. But I really enjoy the prep for competitions and how simple my life gets when I've got one that I'm working towards.