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Hey guys, I recently accepted an on-call paramedic position with HHS for the DMAT team and started the very slow on boarding process. I applied one year ago, got a tentative job offer letter a couple weeks ago. I signed my oath of office a week ago and today I got my security check form. It states on this form that it will take 1-3 months to complete my background check. Anyone else on boarding for this position? Allegedly they recruited 40,000 people. Anyone currently with DMAT that can comment on the time it takes to complete the employment process and what to expect next? HHS HR is almost impossible to reach by phone or email. Thanks


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Well, it is the federal government (who are not known for their speed or efficiency in anything), and it's only an on-call position, so there are likely a whole lot of people who won't be "activated" for a white.....

When I was looking at a fema position, it was a painfully slow process. thankfully, it's only on the side, but it would go weeks between the onboarding, and the background check was absurd.


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I applied last September and didn't get the position. Keeping my eyes open for the position again. Have fun!


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Congratulations! I started into DMAT in 2004, right about the time it left FEMA and went into HHS. The slowdown started. Used to be you were hired onto the local team then started the fed process. Took me to 2 years to get deployable. While waiting I did local drills and stuff. Made a few non critical deployments, mostly Washington inauguration standby. Got some nice inside tours of the Capitol. Did a lot of training at the HHS warehouse outside DC, where we all were WMD trained for those. A couple years later I converted to team Security Officer, but still a medic. One thing we found out was, on a deployment, everyone does everything. Then HHS really cracked down. Used to be, as a medic, I could backfill other teams as a medic, even though I was a security specialist. That stopped, then my position was eliminated. I could go back to a medic spot (GS-12 back to GS-7) but I had to go through the entire hiring process again. Found out I was no longer qualified since I was not working as a medic. Still certified, but not working. So that was end of DMAT.

It's fun, and the training is great. Grab it all. I had a great 20 years on the team.