couple of questions about private emt companies


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I was wonder a couple of things:

1) What are the typical shifts for an EMT-B at a private company? How many hours and what are the times?
I want to become an EMT but not sure if it will fit in with the needs of my family.
My husband says since EMT's get paid so little, I could not do that and afford some kind of care for my children. I am hoping their are ****fs that will fit our needs, my husband does travel some so I can't count on the night shift always being the way to go.
2) I want to do EMT so badly I would volunteer to be able to have a flexible schedule and do what I really want. Now for my question....... I live in a fairly big city, just outside of Dallas and don't think they have any volunteer stations. Is there any way to volunteer to get experience? Is the only way to volunteer is having a rural town where they have a volunteer station? Can you volunteer anywhere or only at specific places?


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I live outside New York and we have volunteer stations... there are even volunteer stations INSIDE New York City (although FDNY will deny this up and down ;) ). Where outside Dallas are you? Even near big cities you could find some volunteer posts, I'm sure... call your local FD and ask if they are volunteer... if not, they will know who is. A lot of places are now letting non-residents join because they need the manpower, but you will have to committ to a shift.

As far as the paid EMS stuff goes, each Company is different. Some have 8 hr shifts, some have 12, some do 24s, while some do a combination of all of those. I have friends who work 8hrs with one Company while another friend works 12 for the same Company.

Also, does Dallas FD have EMS? You might be able to get a position with them as well, and they most likely have better benefits than the private companies (although not necessarily better pay.)

Around here, we also do a lot of per diem work for sporting events (tournaments, county champs, etc) and we have a bunch of concert venues that hire a staff to have on hand for concerts, circuses, etc. You should look into that, I know the Dallas/Fort Worth area has a couple big venues.

Good luck with it!


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You may also want to see if the paid departments have volunteer positions. Here they are all paid departments, but they have an occasional volunteer working a rotation with them.