Cops love doing CPR?


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When a medical call goes out, PD automatically notifies the two units covering that section of the city. Half the time neither car responds, but somtimes both do. They aren't allowed to use lights/sirens for medical calls, but they know the city well, so they usually get there fast.

I've found that most cops love doing chest compressions and using the AED. I brought this up with my co-workers in the break room at the end of a shift, and they all responded "You didn't know that?"

Anyone else notice that cops love doing chest compressions and using the AED?


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In my previous department, we had two PD officers that were both firefighters (not EMT's).

One of the officers performed CPR 3 times in one year.

I think that the cops that do enjoy performing CPR do it because it is so different from how they normally help people. When a cop responds to a call, they have to tell themselves that they helped the victim in some way that they can't really see.

When the perform CPR on a victim, they know (without a shadow of a doubt), that they are helping to save a life. I think the personal satisfaction from this aspect is more immediate and noticeable to them.

IMHO, of course.


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All public safety officers (FFs, police officers, etc.) in California are required to be trained in professional rescue CPR, first aid, oxygen administration and a couple of other areas. It's not First Responder level (only a 12 hour course, if I remember correctly). We have very few cops out here with training beyond that, with the exception of SWAT tactical medics and SAR guys (usually run through the county Sherrif's department in most areas). I think CHP may have a few EMTs as well.

Since all 911 calls go to our PD dispatch first, there will usually be at least one police officer on-scene before or shortly after we arrive. Most of the cops I know don't particularly like getting involved in medical calls, but will do CPR if necessary. It's not uncommon for the ambulance to get on-scene to find CPR in progress by one cop and one FF.