Boston North Shore Emergency Dept Tech Positions Available


Emergency Services RN, NREMT
For anyone interested in getting off the truck, my ED is hiring EMTs as "Technical Nursing Assistants." Pay starts around $16 and up with great benefits.

Current available shifts as of 10/9/17
24hrs / week 1500-2300
32hrs / week 1500-2300
32hrs / week 2300-0700
32hrs / week 0700-1500 (pediatric)
24hrs / week 0700-1500 (pediatric)

Basically as a TNA in an ED you:
- Assist the RN's with EMS admissions (initial vitals, getting them on telemetry ect).
- Perform 12 leads (recognition of life threatening dysrhythmias a plus).
- Glucose testing.
- Phlebotomy (the hospital will train you).
- Answering call lights and alerting the RN of the patient's needs.
- Watching SI patient's for safety.
- Act as a runner to and from the lab with samples and retrieving blood from the blood bank.
- Ambulation of the patients per the nurses orders.
- TNA's do all the orthopedic splinting and assistive device teaching.
- You are expected to get into the compression rotation in codes.
- Minor computer documentation (the hospital will train you in Epic).
- Assist the RN with post mortem care.

What you won't do:
- Carry 250lb pt's down triple deckers with a stair chair.
- Shovel trash out of the hallway in a hoarder's house to extricate.
- Work outside in ****ty weather.
- Make shift two hours late because dispatch has "just one more quick IFT before you come in."

If anyone is thinking nursing school may be in their future, this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door at a hospital and start networking. Many TNA's have worked here through RN school and been hired right into the department as new grads.

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