Best medic programs in the rocky mountain region?


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Hey all
Im looking for some more opinions on the best medic programs in the NM/CO/UT/MT/WY or PNW region. Currently UNM, HealthONE, and Denver Health are at the top of my list respectively. I am 2 months away from finishing my BS at CU Boulder, and am ready for the next step (of many) on the medical ladder. I am concurrently finishing my FAWM from the WMS and am yearning to pursue the DiMM certification. I am very interested in the UNM BS program,especially because of the new wilderness and austere medicine track (DiMM!!). How ever the 2 yrs FT + out of state tuition, for a second B.S., probably eliminates it from the realm of possibility. The 2nd best alternative is probably HealthONE NRP program and then doing DiMM separately through the WMS/UofU/CU med programs. My EMS goals are to work as a medic in a Mtn Rural community with a progressive EMS system, continue with MTN rescue as a medic, and work at the ALS level within ski patrol. My questions are as follows:
1) If possible, is the UNM program so far superior to other programs that it would be worth 2yrs + lots of $$$$$?
2) Is it still the consensus that HealthONE is the best program in denver?
3) Is there any where else that I should be considering?
Thanks much!