Balancing Medical Knowledge With Other Interests


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I am not sure about yall but I go through this particular issue quite regularly. Throughout my working career, I have worked steadily on my EMT skills while jabbing away at other interests such as business school and various projects not related to EMS. I know some EMTS and Paramedics that are good at improving their medical skills while working side hobbies. I know a guy that makes really nice tables while working as a medic. I know another guy that is a paramedic and does intensive study in engineering.

For me, if I want to be good at something, I feel I have to put one thousand percent into it and sacrifice other things. But maybe, there is a way to balance it all out. What are your thoughts? How do you work your schedules? Maybe painting or space study keeps your morale high and you are better able to handle ambulance rides....


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I can't imagine just doing EMS. It's only one of about 10 careers and hobbies I've had (not all at the same time).

As NomadicMedic said, you'll probably be happier if you broaden your interests.


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I don't post much atm, but this is one of my interests. IMHO, having a range of interests and experiences in life can only be a strength. The crossroads of those different pieces of your life and who you are, are part of what you bring to the table of the EMS community.

Book rec: "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World" by David Epstein. I am not endorsing every thought in the book, but there's plenty of material to chew on.