Anyone do Dialysis transports?


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The company I work for does several BLS dialysis transports a day. Since they're always BLS, and usually three days a week, over the summer I got to know many of the "regulars". Usually we pick them up in the morning, drop them off, come back three hours later, and drop them back off at home. We have to do a full run sheet for the entire trip, and it's amazing at how fast you learn the patient's details.

I always liked to talk to them, hear their story. Working the midnight shift, I never did dialysis patients, besides the once or twice during the school year I'd pick up a day shift. Most were friendly, others just wanted to be back in the comfort of their beds.

Today accross the pager I learned that one died, and while I only picked her up once, it was a sad moment. Most know the time is coming, EMTs do too, but in some ways they become a second family. Most full-time EMTs that work the day shift know everything there is to know about these patients. Some have died since I started working, and coworkers talk about how hard it was for them.

I'm wondering if anyone else out there does these BLS dialysis transfers. It doesnt seem like anyone else does, but I thought it was worth a shot.

This post is for that patient that passed today, and for not minding when I left the Nasal Cannula attached to the main O2, and proceeded to wheel her out of the ambulance.

No need to worry, she stopped me before she felt the tug on her ear. I was the second person to do it that week :rolleyes:


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My service does a ton of dialysis transfers. I think we have 5 or 6 regulars that go about 3 times a week.

and the part about leaving the cannula hooked up to the in-house......I think everyone has done that at least once.


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Dialysis is the bread and butter of private ambulance around my way. I worked for one company that had about 15 dialysis txpts each day. mind you a 16 hour day was not uncommon there.

But when it comes to knowing patients, I caught myself having gotten too close to one. I ended up being requested to do her final txpt to the hosp. she was in CHF, and was telling ME not to worry.

That Pt. is the reason I hate dialysis ports. I don't trust myself to not get attached anymore.

In memory of the Sister who forced me to call her Grandmom. She is with me on all my calls. Thank you sister :)


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We have dialysis pts. also. I know exactly what you mean about getting to know them. I am quite attatched to one of mine. She is the sweetest lady. I am going to have a hard time when anything happens to her. She and her husband have become part of our family at our service, everyone has become attatched to them both not just me. It is amazing how quickly you learn their info. I know her DOB, address,ins. info, Hx, meds, and allergies by heart. I don't even need the cheat sheet we keep in the trip sheet book anymore. I know that I shouldn't get so attatched to my pts. but i just don't care, yeah it will hurt when something happens, face it you know it's going to but I am not going to turn into a brick wall just so it won't bother me when they go, they are friends and they are part of my job also, we sometimes just can't help being human, i think it makes for a better EMT- Paramedic when you actually let yourself care, your pts reap the benefits not just the regulars but all of them. :rolleyes: