Anyone been to college of the redwoods? Paramedic program.


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Hello! I've been an EMT for about 2 years, worked as an ER tech for 1 and IFT for the first year. I'm in Los Angeles but I've been looking at paramedic schools around me. They're all pretty accelerated courses, some are 40 hours a week of school for 6-8 months. I prefer to take it a bit slower so I can really absorb the information. College of the redwoods is about a year and being born and raised in LA, I'm kind of over living here. I figured moving there and focusing on school would be a breathe of fresh air. I haven't found much reviews of that school and was hoping to get some insight. How are the classes? Are the instructors great? Any info would be appreciated as it is scarce to find any. Thank you.


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It’s actually a great program with the primary instructor still an active full time paramedic in the area. They set you up with clinicals in the area. I’m not sure if this is still the case but the internship in Arcata with Max River ambulance was free. Classes are put on Friday and Saturday. If you go up there I’d find a place in Arcata. Eureka is kinda of nasty. It’s probly one of the cheapest programs in the state. Instructors can be pretty tough on ya and weed out the ones who don’t belong there after the first semester.