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AMR CCT Paramedic

Discussion in 'EMS Employment' started by BayEMTmaybeP, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. BayEMTmaybeP

    BayEMTmaybeP Forum Crew Member

    I noticed AMR hiring for a CCT Paramedic in the Bay Area (CA). What is this role? Primarily IFT? Here is the note: Candidate must be currently certified (or be able to become certified by start date) as a Critical Care Paramedic by the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC).

    Is this a good position for someone who wants to move toward flight paramedic? I know this still requires 911 experience, but am curious the pay and end goal of this position is. Do they work with a nurse? Or EMT?

  2. Aprz

    Aprz Forum Deputy Chief

    When I worked at Rural/Metro IFT (before we got lumped in with AMR Sutter), the CCT P units did IFT transports like CCT RN. We had the contract with Kaiser, and Kaiser preferred calling for a CCT RN unit for everything. At least in the Bay Area, CCT P was just a slightly expanded scope of practice like using a ventilator, IV pump, and some extra medications. They worked with only one other EMT (while CCT RN worked with two EMTs). Unfortunately, I have no idea about the pay. I imagine it is similar now.

    I have a friend who got hired at CalStar air ambulance in Gilroy. You did not need an FP-C to get hired there. They were looking for (bare minimum) 3 years of 911 paramedic experience in a busy/urban 9-1-1 system, neonatal resuscitation (NRP), and you just had to get the FP-C within a year after your hire date. He told me the pay for him was about $75k annually.
  3. Akulahawk

    Akulahawk EMT-P/ED RN Community Leader

    CalSTAR 2 (the one in Gilroy) is a great place for a Paramedic to work. About half their call volume is scene calls, where the Paramedic will do very well. The downside is that unless something has changed, their Paramedics will have to be accredited by multiple EMS systems while the Nurses only have to primarily work from company protocols. Because of their call mix, CS 2 is also a great way for the Flight RN to learn to think like a medic. Within a relatively short time, the Nurses from CS 2 end up getting to blend the best of both worlds.
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  4. DesertMedic66

    DesertMedic66 Forum Troll

    For flight medics in CA, being certified in multiple counties is normal and pretty much required. For my current area I have to be licensed in 3 different counties. As for the policies that we follow... I’m going to leave that one a blank space

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