Alternative E?-MT Stuff


Opheophagus Hannah Cuddler
I've come to know this road well over the years. Long string of villages on up it.

Security measures. 40 gallon fuel tank under the seats gets me just about anywhere I need to go.

All that coffee. Heading upcountry again.

House call. Welfare check.

An associates' ride. A little flamboyant for my tastes.

This is a road?

Lunch break and a nap.

Refugee hideout. All about malaria, dengue, TB and Hep out here.

Expect delays when they are moving the verges.

Social Services Efforts
Sudden onset severe hemiparesis. Poss CVA. Getting her to the therapist a four hour drive away became a years long logistics challenge.

When rent came due at the hooker Hilton I became quite familiar with sleeping on the floor.


Stranger in a strange land. Steaming jungles one day, down to 40 F up in the mountains the next. Lots of volcanic activity around here.

Road rescue. Grumpy Hannah

Gee thanks. When my partner encounters night cruisers she just puts a jar over them and leaves them for me.

Cobras and cats don't get along. He got one fang, bullseyed the radial. 6 months down the road he's putting some weight on it. Still has extensor issues.

The job does have it's perks. Sunrise out on the border somewhere.