ALS Drug Boxes


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In Oakland County Michigan, ALS drugs are kept in a box like this:

They're supplied by the hospital, and once the seal is broken, the ALS unit has to go to the closest hospital to exchange the box for a new one.

They're not the prettiest things, or the most practical, but they work.

I'm wondering what others use for their drug boxes. I've been ALS drug boxes that are padded, some pelican hard cases, and quite a few others.


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we have the same thing here.. different color box but the same.. works great..


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At the FD we have a box like that, and I hate it. Too much stuff. We also have a huge bag with O2, IV hookups, and too much other stuff. It seems like the medic set it up so that if we ever have a disaster, ONE PERSON has all the equipment and can run multiple traumas at one time in one location - except we all know that can't be done.

I like the ambulance corps setup much better. We have a medium sized bag with plastic fishing lure-type containers in the main compartment. Each container is set up for a different type of problem/protocol. We also have all the pre-packaged drugs standing upright in the bottom of the bag, separated by type. In the front compartment we have IV bags and all the things needed to start an IV. On the side we have the BP cuffs and Steth. On the other side we have the glucometer and glucose related items. In the back outside compartment, we have airways. We also have an airway roll and an IV roll that sit next to the ALS bag, locked inside the ambulance. Extra IV stuff is stored in another compartment. When I go into a house I can bring in the one bag and have everything i possibly need, without breaking my back. If I'm in the ambulance, I can grab just the IV roll or intubation roll to quickly and easily have everything i need to start an IV or place a tube at my fingertips. I love it. We're in the process of reorganizing the FD equipment to mirror the ambulance corps equipment.