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Advise Needed: Investigations

Discussion in 'EMS Employment' started by Matt Boniface, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Matt Boniface

    Matt Boniface Forum Ride Along

    Good Afternoon,

    An old friend of mine is in an abusive relationship. Her fiancee has threatened that if she leaves, he will make unsubstantiated claims leading to an investigation in her current workplace where she serves as a Paramedic. She is worried this will destroy her career's future, even with no wrongdoing on her part. She's worried that she will lose her certification and will no longer be considered for future employment.

    She has done nothing worthy of an investigation and an investigation would certainly show this. She has worked as an EMT for many years and only recently finisher her Paramedic training and certification program. She hopes to work her way into flight medicine.

    Please advise. How relevant are these claims? Could he really hurt her future? What can I relay to her to lessen her fear and encourage her?
  2. luke_31

    luke_31 Forum Asst. Chief

    Get her help from a domestic violence outreach center NOW! If she is willing to get help, help her get it. Don’t worry about unsubstantiated claims, if she’s in a abusive relationship getting out of it and someplace safe is the most important thing. The career can survive false claims and if what you are telling us is true, it’s possible that if they are outlandish for what her employer knows of her. They will take everything into consideration.
  3. DrParasite

    DrParasite The fire extinguisher is not just for show

    Leave the jerk, tell someone at the job that her soon to be ex may make outlandish claims about her, but she needs to get out of the abusive relationship.

    What's the alternative? Marry the guy? It's not going to get any better after that happens.....

    Let them investigate if they need to.....when they find the claims are without merit, the investigation will end and everyone will move on.
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  4. wanderingmedic

    wanderingmedic RN, Paramedic

    Critical Care EMT-P
    This. Get help, reach out to the authorities before he does. Talk to a lawyer even. But do something.

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