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Accelerated EMT – B Program in May

Discussion in 'General Advertising' started by Tom Perroni, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Tom Perroni

    Tom Perroni Forum Crew Member

    Accelerated EMT – B Program

    Dates: May 10th, 2012 – May 23rd, 2012 (14 Days)

    Time: 9am-6pm

    Location: Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy, 1380 Central
    Park Blvd, Suite # 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401

    1. Student must be 16 years of age or older before the start of the course.
    2. Hold an approved cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course at the beginning date of the course. This certification must also be current at the time of state testing. (CCJA will offer this training before
    this course for those enrolled and paid who need
    this training at no cost.)

    Cost: $1,200.00 (This does not include Books and State or National test fees)

    Coordinator: Charles A. Williams NREMT-P

    Registration: Call (540) 322-3000 or e-mail ccjatraining@gmail.com

    Books: Required text:
    Mosby's EMT-Basic Textbook Revised 2nd Edition Revised
    W. Stoy, T. Platt, D. Lejeune and the Center for Emergency Medicine, published by Mosby

    Required text:
    Mosby's EMT-Basic Workbook 2nd Edition
    W. Stoy, T. Platt, D. Lejeune and the Center for Emergency Medicine, published by Mosby.

    Program description:

    Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (4 year certification)

    The Emergency Medical Technician – Basic course is designed to provide training to prepare an individual to function independently in a medical emergency. This course provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to provide basic life support (BLS) care and is required to progress to more advanced levels of pre-hospital patient care.

    The course requires a minimum of 111 hours of classroom and skills instruction and 10 hours of Clinical/Field rotations for a total of 121 hours of training.

    Virginia Certification requires successful completion of a written and practical skills examination. This course is designed to train individuals to serve as a vital link in the chain of the health care team.

    Student will be eligible to set for Virginia EMT-Basic exam Note: reciprocity available to the take National Registry Exam after gaining Virginia certification.

    This includes all skills necessary to provide emergency medical care as an attendant-in-charge with a basic life support ambulance service or other specialized rescue service.

    Upon successfully completion of the training program, the student will be capable of performing the following functions:

    (1) Recognize the nature and seriousness of the patient’s condition or extent of injury to assess requirements for emergency care.

    (2) Administer appropriate emergency care to stabilize the patient’s condition.

    (3) Lift, move, position and otherwise handle the patient in a way as to minimize discomfort and further injury.

    The EMT-Basic curriculum will be based upon the DOT National Standard Curriculum for the EMT-Basic (1994 edition) and the 2002 Supplemental Airway Modules for the 1994 EMT-Basic National Standard Curriculum. The EMT-Basic will be trained and proficient in all skills described in the DOT National Standard Curriculum for the EMT-Basic (1994 edition) and the 2002 Supplemental modules for the EMT-Basic: National Standard Curriculum.

    To register or for more information Contact:

    Tom Perroni (540) 322-3000 / (540) 846-7088

    Recommended Hotel:
    Fredericksburg Hospitality House
    2801 Plank Rd
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401
    (540) 786-8321
    CCJA Training Rate: $70.00 per night single occupant.

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