8 Hospitalized In Federal Prison Disturbance


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While this is old news, since the subject of security is a hot one on the board right now, I dug this up to share. How do your hospitals handle something like this?

8 Hospitalized In Federal Prison Disturbance
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A federal prison representative said a correctional officer got involved and shot a prisoner.

Seven victims were flown by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. One of the victims suffered a gunshot wound, and the rest of them suffered stab wounds. Another inmate was transported to Leesburg Regional Medical Center.

Prison vans from the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Sumter County remained outside ORMC early Monday morning after a fight over the weekend.

Luckily, ORMC has a seperate area in the ER specifically for trauma, so I imagine it was a little easier to segregate the inmates from the rest of the ER population and to monitor them and whoever had access to them.
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Local hospital has contract with Folsom prison

Open bay, open big room plus a couple exam cubicles, inmate/patients chained to beds, officers in the ward and officers behind mirrorized bulletproof glass with an arsenal and gun ports. Large vehicle sally port opens onto smaller personnel sally port.