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    NREMT-P APP and Websites?????

    Hello everyone. From what I am reading, JB Learning and Limmer Education’s Paramedic Pass seem to be what everyone is using and being successful. Is there any other Apps or websites that are good? What about Kaplan? Thanks everyone!!!!!
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    How did you learn!? What studying techniques did you use? Did you use flashcards, read and highlight, write and rewrite, Pictures and diagrams? Did you study use videos? Did you study with friends of by yourself?
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    Failed the second time for

    I am doubtful about taking the test for a third time. The first time I was unsure about the test and bombed it and the second time I took it I actually did worse but I was studying from books and bought emt prep for some guidance and was more than sure I was going to at least see some...
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    Question regarding the definition of "practice" and company licensure.

    As of right now, I am in sort of a sticky situation. I have spent several hours searching the web with little to no luck on this topic so I figured why not ask the question directly. Anyway, I recently became nationally certified through NREMT. I have applied for Arizona state licensure and...