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  1. cabems

    Experienced EMS Billing Administrator Wanted!!

    We are a family-owned EMS/Private Transport/Rescue Squad billing business located in South Carolina. We are looking to hire a new administrator. This is a very well compensated position for the ideal candidate. We are a nationwide billing service. Email resumes to: victorw@cabems.com Thank you!!
  2. Z

    EMS billing

    so I'm an EMT-B at a theme park and we give out things like bandaids and 4x4s all the time the park just supplies them and eats the cost. But we keep some pretty serious ALS equipment on site and I was wondering if we ever had to use any of that equipment for an emergency would the park collect...
  3. cabems

    EMS Billing Company Hiring Nationwide Sales Reps

    We are hiring commission-based sales reps to contribute to the business growth of our EMS billing business. This can be a part-time or full-time position. If interested, please send me a message. Thanks!