1. Chris EMT J

    Normal appearing Chest pain

    Hi had this patient that was a young adult with chest pain. I did a quick BSI assessment, then saw 1 patient, asked for HPI and Pmx which was pain started 10 minutes ago no other symptoms and no past medical history, SAMPLE: CP, no allergies, no meds, no pmx, last oral intake was a healthy...
  2. J

    6 lead ecg reading. Need feedback. Thanks guys

    Hello. I’m confused by the lead 1 S wave. And lead 3 r wave. Anyone else read this and also have some concerns pop up or come to mind?
  3. B

    Intresting ECG- Can't quite put my finger on it.

    Mind you I know we don't see 3-lead ECG as much as we used to, but I'm rather old-school. I can't quite decide for myself if this one is artifact, or exactly what's going on- but take notice of the second and third complex in lead II. I want to say that this is a PJC, but not sure what the deal...