1. T

    Field Training Program

    New to the forum so looking for help with a few things that I have been researching. Does anyone have a field training program that they would be willing to share their documentation forms and materials ? Looking for resources to help update and add to our current program. Thank You, Tyler...
  2. 300Medic

    Administrative help.

    All, I am looking for some administrative help. The individual who was previously “running” our EMS portion of the department quit/got fired. By the looks of it I will be the lucky one doing most of the admin tasks. Can anyone provide me the requirements, such as NYSDOH 800 and CON that is...
  3. B

    Company offers to pay for certain documents

    Hey guys, New EMT here. I've seen some companies make postings saying they'll pay for things such as the DL-51 physical exam, Hep B vaccinations, etc. But if they require the DL-51 physical exam before an employment offer can even be made, how would that work if you're just a prospective...