1. S

    Paramedic student, needing job ideas

    Hey everybody! I’m currently a paramedic student about to start my internship. I’m trying to relocate from California and I’m very open to any ideas in Oregon and Colorado. Possibly Washington as well. I’ve heard good things about UC Health, I’d love to know more about that general area too...
  2. S

    Paramedic position - Golden, Colorado (closes 9/3/18)

    Calling all experienced and independent Paramedics: Apply at AMR Golden consists of two dedicated 24/7 ALS type I, 4x4 ambulances staffed by 6 EMT Basics and 6 Paramedics on a rotating 48/96 schedule. These two crews respond to all...
  3. H

    Falck Colorado

    Anybody work for Falk in Aurora Co? Im supposed to interview with them soon. I can't seem to find much on what schedules they run or how the pay is. Any info would be a big help!
  4. K

    Good EMT companies to work for in the Denver area?

    Hey all, I'll be moving out to CO in the next few months...probably somewhere in the greater Denver area, but CO Springs or anywhere else really is an option (further towards/in the mountains the better). Anyone have thoughts on what private companies are good to work for out there at the EMT-B...
  5. S

    What's the Denver Health EMS scoop?

    Hey friends, I'm at AEMT at a busy 911 system in Atlanta GA. I have about 4 months until i graduate medic school and 6 years experience as an EMT. I will file for reciprocity shortly after I i get my NR-P. I'm hoping to move and get on with Denver Health in the not too distant future. From what...
  6. C

    Thread #8,175,361 About AMR

    Good afternoon y'all, I wanted to make a thread to get some specific information about working for AMR as a Paramedic in systems where they have medical authority. I have been surfing the forum for days reading up on everything, but I have a few specific questions I haven't found a clear answer...
  7. RachZem

    EMT-B moving to Titusville, FL?

    Hey ya'll I'm moving to the Space Coast area. A tiny town named Titusville. I was wondering what it's like living and working as an EMT-B near there? I have been looking around for work and it seems like my best bet is the Orlando area. What's your scope and how's the culture? Do you get along...
  8. M

    Looking to move to Colorado. Any good 911 places??

    I am currently a paramedic in Florida. I have my license switched to Colorado and don't really know where to look for a good place to live. I kind of want to stay on the east side of the state near the mountains, so I can have plenty to do (since this is the reason I'm moving). Anyone know of...
  9. C


    Does anyone from Colorado (or who knows the Colorado requirements well) tell me about where/how continuing education works? I found this list of requirements if that helps: Also, as I go through school...
  10. C

    Bachelor's Degree, then EMT-B?

    Hi everyone! I'm Charity, and this is my first post here. I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder at 19! When finished, I'm planning on beginning my education for EMS at Pikes Peak Community College (this fall). I know that...