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    Would benadryl help anaphylaxis any?

    And yet... here ya are... And yet... here ya are... Please state your healthcare education/licensure, and experience? We know DrP is an experienced fire medic with over a decade of practice. That doesn't make him always right, but what is your basis because you haven't actually pointed out...
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    "Must Be Diluted"

    Carrying a pocket reference is not viable? This one is $8
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    "Must Be Diluted"

    Your protocol should tell you. Also the package insert. Or YOUR pocket drug book. Or your app. RNs usually have micromedex or lexicomp on their computer or phone through their facility as a drug reference. You can cause adverse effects (or increase the chance of their occurrence) by failing to...
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    Can you ever act as a civilian while having EMT certification?

    It works best in the back of a WW2 jeep in Korea (or outside LA), but it's only in protocol for Catholic Priests (or EMTs dressed as one).
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    Prior to administering nitroglycerin (NTG) to a patient, what vital signs must you know

    Generally nursing goal for a nitro drip is: so long as BP is above X, give nitro until chest pain is zero.
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    Prior to administering nitroglycerin (NTG) to a patient, what vital signs must you know

    If Mercury is in retrograde, you can't give nitro to a Libra unless pretibial edema is at least 2+, regardless of BP
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    Can you ever act as a civilian while having EMT certification?

    Exactly... can our industry please stop with the us-them abuse of the word "civilian?" Enough already!
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    Changing careers - what to put on an EMT-B resume?

    NP/RN/PA: Certainly healthcare experience is nice for nursing. But most schools don't demand or expect. Most of my classmates had no experience. Look at accelerated BSN programs. But also, look at PA programs since you want to be a prescribing practitioner and you aren't in the nursing...
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    Who are the US Licensed Docs on here

    I know there are 2-3 members in MD/DO school. Hard to keep track of who is done. At least 2-3 other posters who are practicing physicians.
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    Radio license to use EMS comms?

    Clarity for you: You would be operating under your agency's license IF you have their permission to do so, go through your agencies radio training (which the FCC expects them to do annually, many don't). HOWEVER, your HAM HT is NOT type certified for the public safety bands and your antenna...
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    Monterey County rejects AMR's bid, will issue new RFP.

    And we wonder why EMS wallow a field
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    New fire chief wants to take over Santa Barbara county ambulance contract

    No no no you don't understand. AMR can still do interfacilities. FD 911 only. That's how it works in a Fire Chiefs imagination.
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    Has anyone here performed and in field eschorotomy??

    I would happily go through my life not having to do that. I hate bad burns. Burn ICU RNs are special awesome people with fascinating and challenging sick patients.
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    TV Show Seeks First Responder/EMT/Law Enforcement Paranormal Stories

    This one patient had bugs crawling under his skin... or so he kept saying... that and "gimme some smack." One time I heard the page tones in my head before they dropped. I thought I was hallucinating due to lack of sleep. Probably was... Another time I was carrying a patient out of the...
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    Paramedic or LPN???

    If you want to make 150K with an OT adjusted averaged wage of $32/hr you gotta work 72hr/wk (valued at 88hr). 2 days off aren't 2 days off if you spend one recovering from the 48 and the other doing basic life maintenance after 3x12 before going in for the next 48.
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    Paramedic or LPN???

    Because one guy managed to survive with no life and a potentially dangerous work schedule doesn't mean others can or should be encouraged.
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    EMTs and Paramedics in the Hospitals

    Was that hospital union or something? Or did they just have imbeciles running the place? @johnrsemt
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    EMTs and Paramedics in the Hospitals

    In the US it depends on the setting/facility and protocol. Most of the ICUs I workd at, if the doc isn't there and it's an emergency, I can interpret and follow my protocol for treatment. I almost always acquire my own 12 leads. Not in most US RN schools: again, remember, broad education as a...
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    EMTs and Paramedics in the Hospitals

    Sounds like you worked in a dysfunctional culture... but that you weren't exactly trying to be a beacon of collegiality and change either:
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    EMTs and Paramedics in the Hospitals

    US RNs can operate ventilators and read EKGs if educated on it. In US hospitals, it is frequently a RT that is running the vent while historically it was RNs. There is no need for a full scope paramedic in the hospital IMHO. The point of a US paramedic's full scope (I mean that to be the...