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    Daily overtime or highly hourly?

    High hourly plus weekly OT; I make about $23 an hour, and work 48 straight off 5 days a week, so an extra 24 hour shift, I take home an extra $500 a shift; still gives me 4 days off a week. Bored 4 days a week as it is but everything is 40-90 miles away, 1 way so it isn't like I can...
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    Shouldn't it be like IV's; if you can start an IV, every patient gets one? So if you can RSI and intubate, then do it to everyone to keep your skills sharp.
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    About to start program and noticed drug screen before second class *rx med

    I have never had to bring a prescription to a drug test; if they ask then you produce it. I have had many many random drug tests in the last 20 years; I have taken them while on Opiod's for different injuries, and I have never been asked about them.
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    Ibuprofen vs APAP

    We carry both, but just for fevers; ask what the patient has gotten recently and give the other one
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    Paramedic under investigation for death of schizophrenic patient

    So did they seem him jumping on cars? or did someone call that in? I have been dispatched to someone doing something that sounded crazy and when we got there the person was acting normally so there was no reason to put a pysc hold on the patient. Person acting weird so that means he is...
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    Narrative vs entire PCR

    Problem I have with the narrative from Nomadicmedic (and I know that he put it up as a problem); is what was circumstances that the patient was found in? House extremely dusty, complaining of problems breathing? could be due to allergies and asthma.
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    Has anyone here performed and in field eschorotomy??

    I have had to call Medical Control for suggestions for a 750 lb patient who was status epilectus (sp?) who I couldn't get a line in and IM Valium hadn't done much for. And we still had 45 miles to go I told the doctor that I had tried to drill him, but even with the big needle it barely hit...
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    2nd degree heart block - does it warrant code 3 return to the hospital?

    Sorry; I am subbing at the local High School today, and I had a student ask me a question and another student hit Post Reply for me. Why I thought the last day of school would be an easy day to sub I don't know. LOL Transport patients due to how they present: If they are stable or not...
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    2nd degree heart block - does it warrant code 3 return to the hospital?

    Instead of one specific case; why not talk about patients in general? Where I work PT is a good example: We only run L & S to MVC's, Chest pain, and Resp distress calls: and some of our runs can be up to 2 hours to the scene. then 2 hours back to town, then 110 -130 miles to the hospitals...
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    Private EMS Companies-Their Biggest Problem?

    When I worked busy private service; or FD; We would clean a room (nurse would tell us patient will go to room 10 as soon as we can clean it); we would park pt in hall with 1 crewmember, other crew would clean room, and make bed. Move the patient to the bed. 1 would report room clean to the...
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    HEMS usage, what do you in the field think about this?

    50-60 minutes to small hospitals must be nice; my PT job is 110 miles to small hospital 130 to everything else. We are lucky to get a bird: my last 2 shifts I ground transported an Acute MI, and a multi system trauma from an ATV wreck. Too windy to get a helicopter. Both cases the ED...
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    Has anyone here performed and in field eschorotomy??

    King County EMS has them in protocols with relative short transport times? We have up to 4 hour transport times, and I would love to hear what an ED doctor would say on the phone or radio link if we called for orders for it. Half the time I work we can't get a helicopter due to wind problems
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    Hypertension in a BLS scenario

    Medics can't do much for HTN unless they have chest pain and give NTG; or are bad at IV's and bleed the HTN down to lower BP, lol. if you are headed to the ED, it depends on transport time. If you can get to the hospital faster than meeting with a medic sanely then do that. Sanely means: If...
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    Paramedic or LPN???

    Co-worker worked 48 hours straight at FT job, 24-36 hours a week at PT job (at hospital), both as a medic while doing RN in 5 semesters FT; he graduated; and is now working 48 hours straight as a medic and 36 hours as a RN/medic. making around $150K
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    Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?

    I had a 16 year old a few weeks ago that told me he didn't want any pain medication until I reminded him that it would take the pain away (or mostly away). Then he decided to take it. He then sung to me the rest of the way to the hospital. Fentanyl is a nice med
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    How much water should we be drinking?

    I do think it is a good idea to start drinking a lot a couple of days early to get your body used to it. I have found that I don't pee as often when I am hiking heavy when I start a couple days early; than I do if I just drink a lot more the day I hike. odd, but for me true
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    Want to make $30/hr as a paramedic? or $16/hr as an EMT? RWJHN/RWJBH is currently hiring in Central NJ.

    Dugway Proving Ground. approx 2000 people work here, about 300 people live here; about 25 Active Duty Military. Approx 90,000 acres larger than Rhode Island
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    Capillary refill as an indication of SpO2

    I was saying that low O2 % doesn't mean that you have corresponding slow cap refill; I need to stop posting when I am tired; Also trying to comment that the theory of radial pulses = BP of at least 90 systolic doesn't always work
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    Documentation question

    Most of the pt evaluation is BLS: Vital signs; blood glucose (in most areas is a BLS skill), SPO2, etc. So 90% of patient evaluation is BLS. When I worked with medics and we went to an ECF the medic would go and get the paperwork and oral report from the nurse and I would go check out the...