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    Just figured I would tell everyone I passed finally. Computer cut off at 80. This is for the Paramedic.
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    East texas employment

    Is there anyone in here from the East Texas area that knows of any good companies that are hiring? I am willing to go as far as Dallas area if need be. I did apply to Champion and got turned down. Thought the interview went well until I met with the operations supervisor. But, its ok, if anyone...
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    Cypress Creek Interview

    Hey All, I got a interview with Cypress Creek and I am quite nervous about it. I was wondering if anyone in here had a interview with them and could give me an heads up on what to expect. Like what type of questions they ask. What to be prepared for and any type of tips would be great. Thank You
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    Canadate Application for NREMT

    So it's been 2 years since I took the NREMT which was for my AEMT. It looks as if the application to test for the NREMT has changed and I am a bit confused and hoping someone could help me. I have tried contacting the school with no response with an answer. So I am getting ready to take the...
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    Paramedic NREMT Study Guide

    So I know Jblearnig is a good site to use when studying for the NREMT exam. Has anyone used if so what is your experience with it? Also, does anyone use the paperback Study guides anymore? Like I used one from Brady back in 2005 when I took my EMT Basic and it helpped out a...
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    Amr Houston

    Does anyone on here have any information on the hiring process with Amr? I'e been trying to get on with them since May. I have a interview with them tomorrow. Kind of hopeful I get a position with them but, concerned as well. I am starting paramedic school Jan 9th and am just wondering how...
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    houston tx employment

    Hey everyone, so i am ogfically certified as a Aemt in Texas. i have had a few interviews already A-Med Ambulance in Texas City. They sent me for a drug screen but i havent heard back. Coastal Ems she was suppose tp talk numbers with the owner and get back wiyh me. i havent heatd anything...
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    amr texas

    Has anyone in here interviewed with AMR in Texas? Abilene area? Just wondering what the process was with them. I had a phone interview with them and sent them pdf files for my DL, SS, Immunizations, FEMA Certs, CPR, Nremt cards and state of Texas EMS License like they asked but, just wasn't...
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    AEMT in Texas

    Hey everyone, So I am a AEMT in Michigan and am looking at moving to Texas within the next year. Does anyone know if texas teaches the new AEMT curriculum or if they still teach the I85 and/or I 99? The verification form from their website has I85 and I 99 still on it. So I'm not sure if it's...
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    Nremt Advanced

    Okay so I took my Advanced EMT and failed X 2. I have used jblearning which didn't do a thing for me. I have re read my book gone over notes and my workbook. Every study guide I've found are from 2012/2013 got them anyways. My class used gone over that multiple times. Both times...
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    AEMT study guide?

    So, is there any good study guides for AEMT? I took my nremt yesterday and failed. I got near passing in every category. I have been using emtesting but that didn't seem to help much. Open to any suggestions Thanks
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    Looking for a job? Michigan

    I just got hired into a company in Michigan. They have several openings for Basics and Medics. If anyone is interested drop me a line. They do offer sign on bonuses.
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    How would you take this interview?

    So Friday I had an interview for a private ambulance company for a EMT Basic position part time. So I get there early around 10 min or so early. The lady from Hr takes me to the operations manager who was going to do the interview. When we get to the office she knocks on the door and he told...
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    Has anyone used Ems and passed the national registry? We use this site for my Advanced EMT class for our testing. Instructor said the questions on the site was similar to the Nremt exam. If your getting good or exceptional on the tests then you'll pass registry. Was just wondering...
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    Interview and Driving records

    Is there a reason why some companies don't check your driving record or get a copy of your driving record prior to interviewing you? My driving record isn't perfect. But I had a phone interview with a company on Thursday. The next day I got a phone call from the hr of the company to schedule...
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    Getting rehired

    I did a search and did not find anything pertaining to this. But, in 2007 I worked for an ambulance company for almost 3 years. My partner and I got fired from said company. Long story short where I'm moving to I put in applications 2 of the companies that I applied to were a subsidiary of the...
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    Advanced Emt jobs in Texas

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering how jobs are in Fort Worth/Dallas area as far as Went? I'm asking because my spouse will be relocating down there in January. Just would like to get some ideas were to look at. Thanks
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    Trinity Ems Academy

    I was just wondering if anyone has gone through Trinity Ems Academy in Columbas Georgia? They offer EMT and Sent courses online and on campus. I was just wondering the the AEMT program was and any review on the school. I tried doing a search on here but nothing came up on them. Thanks
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    NREMT accreditation

    So I have a question about Paramedic school accreditation. I'm just a little confused by it. I understand the NREMT wants all Paramedic school to be accredited. But what if your school only has the Letter of Review? Are you still able to take the NREMT Paramedic? Will it be accepted by other...
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    AEMT Training in Michigan

    Hi all, Is getting training as a AEMT worth it? I found 2 paramedic programs in Mi that allow test out for AEMT. Just wondering if its worth it? Also are there any places in Mi that hire AEMTs?