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  1. DesertMedic66

    AMR transfers?

    Yes, they do allow for transfers however it’s not as easy as you ask for a transfer and it happens. The division you are leaving from must not be at critically low levels of staffing and the division you are transferring to must also have an open position for you to fill. The transfer has to...
  2. DesertMedic66

    Airway management survey

    I attempted to take the survey however decided not to finish it since my answers were not all accurate. I have used blind airway devices and intubation tubes and have not had any complications, as of yet, aside from difficult airways. There should be an option that lists “no complications”. The...
  3. DesertMedic66

    Items needed to work as EMT in Sac CA

    All the items needed are listed on their website. That will get your your state EMT certification. From there you will need to obtain the ambulance license like you already are in the process. Then find out who is hiring and if there are any additional items that agency wants/requires such as...
  4. DesertMedic66

    FP-C renew question

    I doubt they would go through the effort to actually contact IBSC. If they did anything additional it would probably just to look up his cert on IBSC website and see if that expiration date matches his card.
  5. DesertMedic66

    Anyone else ever failed 3 times or more??

    Just stating to make sure others were aware. At first I read it and wondered how you went from being a fresh medic to a supervisor so fast but then I saw the dates on your post and it made more sense.
  6. DesertMedic66

    Anyone else ever failed 3 times or more??

    Keep in mind there is a 4 year gap between his/her posts
  7. DesertMedic66

    Adulting advice needed.

    Ahhh, so you moved next door to an AMR operation I see...
  8. DesertMedic66

    The FEMA graveyard?

    It does exist. If I recall correctly it is in Georgia. I believe @exodus has been there on a recent deployment. When I got deployed we were given ambulances that were just decommissioned from system use and were being sent to the Georgia warehouse. There are ambulance from all over the...
  9. DesertMedic66

    Mapping in Texas

    This is not a rule for California, SoCal, or the west coast. If anything it was your company’s policy. For my ground job we are trained to use the Thomas Guides in case the GPS system goes down. We are able to and allowed to use our MDT/CAD for directions, cell phones, and/or dedicated GPS units.
  10. DesertMedic66

    GRBS Assessment for Seizures

    Grand Rapids Building Service?
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    Who's fully staffed?

  12. DesertMedic66

    AMR hiring process what to expect?

    The hiring process greatly varies based on the division
  13. DesertMedic66

    Who's fully staffed?

  14. DesertMedic66

    Transferring to AMR - Miami

    The NASCAR teams requires open positions, full time medic, minimum of 2 years in current position as a medic, and preferably experience with racetracks.
  15. DesertMedic66

    To Degree or Not to Degree. That is The Question.

    The same fire departments that require at least an AS/AA to be in any kind of leadership position...
  16. DesertMedic66

    California: DMV printout?

    CA DMV stopped doing H-6 print outs in March of this year.
  17. DesertMedic66

    Who's fully staffed?

    My ground job is close to fully staffed. I think we are only down 1-2 medics but have a handful of EMTs who are finishing up medic school right now. For my flight job we only have 1 clinical spot open in the state for a nurse. Medics are completely staffed.
  18. DesertMedic66

    Is this outdated?

    There has been a decent amount of changes in 20+ years. You would be fine with a text book a couple of years outdated but not 20.
  19. DesertMedic66

    Part-Time EMS work in the High Desert?

    Really your only options that are close by are Desert ambulance, AMR - Victorville division, SBcFD. Unfortunately I am not sure about any IFT companies in the HD area.