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    Justice Institute of British Columbia

    BC Ambulance does hire experienced ACPs externally as well. Contact the BCAS Careers Help Desk for more information.
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    Justice Institute of British Columbia

    If you're a practising paramedic in Aus, you should be able to have your education recognized by the Emergency Medical Assistant's Licensing Board (in BC), or equivalent body in whichever Canadian province you're interested in. You might want to reach out to the folks at...
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    Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?

    Are people really falling ill from touching fentanyl? In most cases, scientists say no. Passive fentanyl exposure: more myth than reality.
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    Paramedic Documentary Series

    Preview Episode 2, "Rollercoaster" Paramedics: Life on the Line
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    Paramedic equivalency in Canada

    Check these guys out. Run by a couple of Paramedics from Australia and the UK who have recently immigrated to Canada. I believe the Advanced Diploma from Auz is considered equivalent to Canadian Advanced Care Paramedic.
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    Paramedic Documentary Series

    The first episode of Paramedics: Life on the Line premiers tonight. The first episode should be available for online viewing by tomorrow. For those that are interested, here is a preview of episode one: Episode 1 Preview
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    Paramedic Documentary Series

    The series is the result of public interest following a previous series the network produced called Emergency Room: Life & Death at Vancouver General Hospital. That series was very well done so I'm quite optimistic their paramedic focused documentary will also be good. Paramedic Specialist ...
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    Paramedic Documentary Series

    The Knowledge Network in British Columbia is releasing their new documentary series "Paramedics: Life on the Line" next month featuring the work of my colleagues at BC Ambulance. While I successfully avoided the cameras, a lot of very good friends are featured here. The full episodes start...
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    Alert and Oriented in relationship to GCS Scoring

    GCS was developed to be used to score TBI patients in a clinical setting ... somehow it has become a ubiquitous vital sign to be applied to all patients. Is the ++++ ETOH patient really a GCS (3/2/5) 9? That makes them sound critically ill when really they need a safe place to be monitored while...
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    Let me ask you about uniforms...

    This is our working uniform.
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    Member Passing

    Rest easy brother.
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    Voting on Question 1 (Massachusetts Ballot Measure)

    In what jurisdiction in this measure being proposed? Perhaps a link would help generate some discussion.
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    Narcan, or Not.

    I'm fully onboard with @NomadicMedic and @DrParasite. There is absolutely no reason to slam 2mg IV into anyone as a first line treatment. Once you've established good ventilations, the emergency is over. Take your time and wake them up slowly. Establish good ventilations with BVM. Just bag...
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    Canada Paramedic transfer to NREMT (US)

    There is a reciprocity agreement between BC and Washington at least for BC EMR to WA EMT. Not sure about PCP to AEMT.
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    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    1) Do you have a college degree? Yes 1a) if yes, was it completed before you got into EMS? Yes 1b) If yes, what is the higher degree you have earned? BA - History/Poli Sci and lastly, is your degree EMS related (if not please, list your major / area of study) And likely starting some graduate...
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    Super-confident EMT's Vs Humble Emt's

    I don't think humility and confidence need to be exclusive of each other. One can be humble and appreciate the role they play on the larger health care team and still be confident in providing excellent care within their scope, skills, and knowledge. The over-the-top, ricky rescue, "sir I'm...
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    Mag for A fib w/RVR

    I'll just drop this over here ...
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    Verbal DNR from a conscious patient?

    "If I pass out, I don't want mouth-to-mouth". I suspect they were just trying to be funny. However, the concept of DNRs and Advanced Directives are founded in the notion of informed consent. Nothing about the statement seems informed by any sound medical knowledge. What does he mean by "pass...
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    Paramedic equivalency in Canada

    Not sure when you were looking, but Primary Care Paramedics have had peripheral IVs in their scope since the mid 2000s. Scope varies a bit place to place, but here is an example of the Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) and Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) scope from the Ontario Paramedic Association:
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    Dr. Smith's ECG Blog another good resource.