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  1. SwissEMT

    Refilling Oxygen Cylinders

    We run a cascade system. I literally cringe with every opening of a valve. I keep worrying that I'll be blown to pieces with shrapnel. I hate cascade systems.
  2. SwissEMT

    BVM on breathing pt

    I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else, matter fact, I consider myself pretty stupid. I simply think that EMS in general is going down the drain because incoming EMTs aren't reading their books and aren't using their brains and want everything on a platter. Ask yourself this: Are...
  3. SwissEMT

    BVM on breathing pt

    I'm just going to rant a little, so excuse the comma splices. Sometimes I cry a little, I mean, I keep it on the inside obviously, but when I read posts like this and I'm here working the hardest I can to become the best medical professional I can, I can't help but just get depressed. I feel...
  4. SwissEMT

    What happened?

    This isn't a serious question, right?
  5. SwissEMT

    How many lights is too many?

    lol Sorry.
  6. SwissEMT

    OFF DUTY+ a real emergency.

    I long for the day when whacker assclowns get out of EMS and the rest of us can be regarded as Medical Professionals.
  7. SwissEMT

    Fentanyl suckers

    I'm envious. I wish my medical director had the common sense to allow multiple pharmacological options to the provider.
  8. SwissEMT

    'Good' Medic schools?

    I have spent 21,000 dollars to become a Paramedic, and that's just in tuition.
  9. SwissEMT

    'Good' Medic schools?

    They run two programs a year. They cost less than 10,000 dollars and are much better than Northeastern's Program.
  10. SwissEMT

    'Good' Medic schools?

    PROFESSIONAL AMBULANCE runs an excellent Paramedic Program, which though is in it's infancy, has outstanding instructors. Want to be a smart, thinking Paramedic? Go for them.
  11. SwissEMT

    OFF DUTY+ a real emergency.

    You need help.
  12. SwissEMT

    Albuterol for CHF

    Well, although I do believe that there still thousands of Paramedics fail to manage and understand CHF adequately, research has found that patients with pulmonary edema are more prone to having a hyper-reactive airway with broncho-constriction. Thus, this question and debate is still valid.
  13. SwissEMT

    Treating people with dwarfism

    But isn't that the underlying issue here? The age/size ratio is disproportionate. On top of that, I'd be curious to find out if liver and renal function are affected by this disorder. Rid, did you get the code back?
  14. SwissEMT

    West Glens Falls EMS

    Wait, you wrote this post on Jan 20th. You're telling me that in 20 days, you've responded to 950 calls? Just amazed at such a spike!
  15. SwissEMT


    What the..? A shortage of NS? Where the hell are you guys working? Kenya?
  16. SwissEMT

    BLS/Trauma Kit Advice

    My reply isn't directed towards you.
  17. SwissEMT

    BLS/Trauma Kit Advice

    Okay, time for your much needed reality check and you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little harsh but there are times where it's needed. You are not MFR, WFR, EMT, BLS nor ALS. You are no different than your next door neighbor. You operate at the same level and protocols as Bill Clinton does...
  18. SwissEMT

    Contacting Hospital to find out patient status

    Okay, see that? That's what we call a bad decision. Contact the hospital Infection Control personnel. On top of that, your department needs to be advised of the incident.
  19. SwissEMT

    How many lights is too many?

    Because in all reality, that happens so rarely it's simply not worth the risk. Stop lying to yourself, YOU GO FASTER WHEN THEY'RE ON. NOBODY goes the speed limit with lights on.
  20. SwissEMT

    The Trendelenburg Debate

    I did a search for posts covering it and didn't find any, my search fu must be weak. Do you have any idea which threads that info might be in?