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  1. patput

    Your Trusty (Personal) Steed

    Per mile! Good catch!
  2. patput

    Dumbest uniform you had to wear (in EMS)

    I work as a ski school supervisor at a resort. We use MU uniforms and ours are great. Maybe it is just the different jacket models, but even getting stuck in front of a snow gun is no issue with ours.
  3. patput

    Your Trusty (Personal) Steed

    My daily driver is a 2006.5 Jetta TDi and I generally get upper 40s out of it. Right around 10 cents per gallon to drive in NY. My other ride is a 2006 F250 CC LB diesel. I'd rather drive the F250 any day, but the mileage is a great motivator to drive the Jetta instead.
  4. patput

    Officer points gun at firefighter responding to a call

    Responding for an odor call would be a little out of place, but we end up with law on scene for a good majority of our calls around here. I would say upwards of 75 to 80 percent. Running hot is used here just like running code is in other areas, pretty common.
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    Officer points gun at firefighter responding to a call

    I'm not by any means saying that is something they should have been running L/S in a POV for, but in reading the article I can see how the FF thought he was in the clear. I can understand that point, been there myself, granted in marked apparatus. Watching the video (I did have the sound...
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Over summer we got dispatched to a 37 year old female complaining of difficulty breathing two days ago, stated they felt fine now, but would like to be checked out. That came in at 0324, great thing to get woken up for.
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    Legalization of Cannabis WA/ CO

    I personally see no issue with the legalization of marijuana. I've the lost friends from high school and college to drinking - a DUI accident, stupid decisions (fell into a gorge), and alcohol poisoning. I can't say the same is true about marijuana, at most I've got friends that got fat from too...
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    Volunteer EMT interview questions

    The interview for the last place I volunteered with consisted of where do you live and why do you want to be a member of our organization. I might be a bit careful on the clothing as well. I wore dress causal (chinos, dress shirt, sweater) clothes and they actually made a comment about how I was...
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    Taking EMS Courses as a highschool student

    I would check out local community colleges. If there are local volunteer ambulance squads or fire departments check them out as well, they should be able to point you in the right direction. I was the youngest person in my Basic class as well. The class started in August and I didn't turn 18...
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    Paid Dept. with Vollies

    Upon joining I wasn't given a number of shifts I had to do, so there was nothing laid to to begin with. They knew I was a full time college student and that I work full time on top of that and it was understood that I would be there when I could be which wouldn't be all the time. They have a...
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    Paid Dept. with Vollies

    I simply don't have more time to dedicate to their department than I do right now because of their 6 hour shift rule. As far as turning over care I don't mean make it into my call, but simply allow me to do more. The medics I run with are the same ones I have been around since I started. They...
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    Paid Dept. with Vollies

    I volunteer with my local 911 ALS ambulance squad, but lately the fun is gone. They are a mostly paid staff with drivers, EMT-B's (which we currently have two of, myself included), and other attendants being the only volunteers. When I first joined I was as active as time permitted, however...
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    Enclosed License Plate Holder

    :rofl: No I'm a guy. It's a TDI, hard to argue with 45mpg.
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    Enclosed License Plate Holder

    Is anyone aware of an enclosed license plate bracket? I'm looking for a front and back piece with the plate sitting in the middle. The lower edge of the plate on my Jetta rubs on the trunk lid and it just looks terrible. Any suggestions?
  15. patput

    Armed EMS. How many of you carry?

    Police based EMS in Tonawanda, NY. I'm not sure exactly how it all works, but I don't believe the medics are LEO's as well. Seems to just be an ALS fly car service that is affiliated with the PD.
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    Harris County Emergency Corp

    Blue lights here in New York, too. Rear facing though.
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    Transport Times?

    How long is your average transport time? The service I run with generally sees anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending upon where in our district the call is and if we are going hot or not.
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    Outdoor Center First Responder

    I've read through a few similar threads, but haven't found the exact situation. I currently work at an outdoor center (ropes course, zip lines, etc) as a supervisor. They currently employ EMTs and a medic as first responders. They approached me about a first responder position once I get my...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    When I got added to my parents policy it almost doubled their cost. All of our vehicles are fairly new, and two are large trucks which probably doesn't help the situation. The vehicle that I'm considered the full time driver for is an 06 F250 crew cab diesel long bed. They probably figure I can...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    I'm doing one of those online defensive driving courses to lower my insurance. I honestly would be paying off my Expedition every year and then some if I wasn't on my parents policy. Rates are ridiculous for young drivers (no points or any of that either!). They are talking about MVCs are the...