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  1. Ped101

    New AHA protocol?

    Thanks Dan! Though are you sure the last change was in 2006? I remember my friend (who got into the EMS in 2007) had to take CPR lessons with me because their protocol had some differences to the new one But I'll be on the watch for the new one!
  2. Ped101

    New AHA protocol?

    Oh I thought it was due to come out this year, since the last one came in 2008.... No ventilation huh? Mmmm....
  3. Ped101

    New AHA protocol?

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know when the new CPR protocol comes out? And if it has, what is the new protocol for EMS CPR?
  4. Ped101

    Pearls of wisdom for new EMTs

    My advice for you would be to remember that (i'm by no means religious but here it goes) the outcome of everything will be in God's hands. Always remember that!
  5. Ped101

    Cardiac Arrest at the Boston Marathon

    We have bike units inthe city i volunteer at, but so far they have been more of a nuisance than help. Maybe with this i can convince the department to begin our own bike unit!
  6. Ped101

    dilemma with volunteering

    I am a volunteer, but fortunately we do in-house shifts, maybe you can get fixed hours like I have and if they don't have in-house shifts do something nearby or sth... For me, volunteering beats getting paid, i'm weird like that, but it all depends on what your plans for the ems field are
  7. Ped101

    How old were you?

    17 when i started my EMT course Finished when i was 18
  8. Ped101

    Your first cardiac arrest

    My first cardiac arrest.... We got called to a elderly patient with repiratory distress. We get to her house and her whole family was at her bedside. We start working the code and take her to a hospital where the monitor showed asystole and she was pronounced dead. It was kind of traumatic...
  9. Ped101

    Hi from Mexico

    HELLO friend from germany!
  10. Ped101

    Hi from Mexico

    It means they have donated to the Red Cross when they are at the stoplights asking for money
  11. Ped101

    Depression - A Handicap?

    Hey everyone! Recently i was talking to some fellow EMT's and the topic of depression landed on the table. We were discussing wether it is ethical for an EMT suffering from depression to do his duty, or should he first get help and medication before continuing. Should clinical depression be...
  12. Ped101

    Your patient asks you to pray with them

    I have prayed before with patients, regardless of my religious afiliation, i think it is like someone said before: I am there for the patient's comfort, not my own.
  13. Ped101

    Does your BLS protocal incl. glucose monitor finger-stick?

    We have a glucometer, and as someone said, while we don't rely 100% on it, we still have it as a back up to the diagnostic But evaluating px. History, Medical Condition, Medications, Last Meal and Vitals, you can get the diagnosis
  14. Ped101

    Bleach malfunction sends 24 to the hospital

    Things could have gotten so much worse...
  15. Ped101

    Worst Call you've ever gotten ?

    And yes, Vent, precisely that was my point, our worse calls may not be the bloody trauma patient that is squirting arterial blood everywhere but as you said, the elderly lady type of calls are the worse, because they get to you on a personal level
  16. Ped101

    Worst Call you've ever gotten ?

    a mere typo there sasha Hypovolemic shock
  17. Ped101

    Worst week as a medic yet

    You have my sympathies mate hang in there!
  18. Ped101

    Worst Call you've ever gotten ?

    oh, not to mention hipovolemic and neurological shock
  19. Ped101

    Worst Call you've ever gotten ?

    But doesn't that make it the worst call for them? The thread asks about the personal worse calls Mine was the two burned to death kids because, well they were kids But the most intesne trauma call i got was yersteday, skull fx. Femur fx. Exposed humerus fx. cephallic mass exposure...
  20. Ped101

    Movie: Ambulance Girl

    Hey people, the other day I was watching TV and ran into the movie Ambulance Girl starring KAthy Bates I thought it was a really cool movie, because it also explores the feelings as the protagonist goes through with her course and becomes an EMT I recommend it to you guys! At least i loved it