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  1. ClarkEMS

    Iceland EMS

    Hey everyone! I am currently spending some time in Iclenad and am wondering if anybody knows a thing or two about Icelandic EMS or if one of you serves in EMS here?
  2. ClarkEMS

    Arming EMT's and Paramedics

    I think we need to look at this as a specific situation. If the patient can cause harm to us, like a prisoner, then why not have an armed guard with the patient fact, I think we should have 2 armed guards in that situation with a following vehicle. The problem this presents...
  3. ClarkEMS

    Arming EMT's and Paramedics

    Israeli Medics When I rode with Israeli medics, some of them did carry pistols, but there is a clear difference between these medics and American medics. The main difference is that Israel is a nation constantly at war with these medics routinely entering closed military zones to access...
  4. ClarkEMS

    What makes a good EMS TV Show?

    Tricky To make a good EMS TV show requires a lot of thought and knowledge of demographics and to whom this show will appeal to. To make an EMS show successful it needs to attract a good following by creating a catchy storyline with realistic scenarios and, lets face it, action. Any new EMS show...
  5. ClarkEMS

    Ems competition

    The international EMS olympics happened while I was there in June, it was so cool! The Karmel base in Haifa took home the gold I believe :P go Haifa!
  6. ClarkEMS

    time to retrain BLS Israel

    I volunteered with MDA as a FR. It was great, but as usual, Israeli bureaucracy ruined the experience :rolleyes: I spoke with someone at the base who wants to do the MDA Paramedic program and then move to the US, but I don't know if it is transferable. I think, though, if you get a degree in...
  7. ClarkEMS

    What do you use to take notes on a call?

    My fire department has a note pad that works really great on scenes. It lists all of the information that is needed from the patient and makes it very easy and organized to keep track of what information you have.
  8. ClarkEMS

    Rescue 911

    A blast from the past. Not long ago as I was sitting in my dorm in Haifa, Israel, I remembered this show I had watched back in the '90s, Rescue 911. I did some looking around and found out that there are hundreds of old episodes on Youtube. Watching these episodes I can see clearly what has...
  9. ClarkEMS

    New EMT - Looking for some advice

    Hey, I am also a new EMT, welcome! I am not looking to be a nurse or anything, but my experience with the private ambulance and fire department ambulance has been really great. Both have different qualities to them and I felt like each one taught me something new each shift. As for what route...
  10. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Yeah, I understand completely with the posts, and I appreciate the help which is why I posted this in the first place :-) She wasn't intoxicated or under the influence of anything. She knew where she was, what she was doing, did not slur speech, etc. The reason she did not want to take the...
  11. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Dually noted and I understand that. That is what concerned me too and this will most likely be brought up at our run review meeting with our medical director. The vitals were fine other than the fact that my partner didn't take repirations which I later took. This refusal is not a refusal of...
  12. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Oh no you are fine! I appreciate what you wrote, I wrote that post before I saw yours. Thanks!
  13. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Yeah, honestly, I don't know how cost became a factor in this discussion. The patient didn't choose a taxi over ambulance cause it was free, the ambulance is free too. No doubt that abd situations are tough I wasn't about to tell the patient that she had appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy or...
  14. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    We never find out the end result with our patients, but I looked up all the symptoms last night and did some research into some possible things that it could have been and I am most definitely sure that it was appendicitis. I will never know for sure, but every symptom I saw in the patient was...
  15. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Well, there is the first problem, we aren't all EMTs on the squad. A bunch of us are being put through EMT training through the school which is what I am doing, otherwise everyone is a first responder. I immediately thought of pregnancy problems or appendix and a few other things which is why in...
  16. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Yes, I explained that the taxi was free, which I think at first sounded great to her, and the ambulance is covered through Clark insurance. when she turned bad though, I explained her options, the taxi she knew was free, but it didn't guarantee that she could get care immediately if needed. It...
  17. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    Yeah, which they did, the patient refused after I said it would be a good idea if they were to take an ambulance which was fine by me, though my partners were concerned, I knew that the patient was competent and I talked about the ambulance a few times and all those times they said no. After...
  18. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    I agree, especially when me and my two partners were going over what happened we decided that we did everything we could at the time. The worry was more that we might have aggravated whatever it was that was bothering the patient in moving them down stairs. Though, once again, I don't think...
  19. ClarkEMS

    Do you puke on a call?

    I was just thinking about this recently...what would I do if I came across a truly nasty call, but so far so good, I have been able to handle a lot of blood so I guess that counts for something, we'll just have to see when I get on an ambulance whether things will be different, though I hope...
  20. ClarkEMS

    What should have been done?

    I had a patient today who called campus EMS because of right side abdominal pain. On arrival the patient was conscious and alert and it seemed like the only problem was the pain which was seemingly very extreme. We took vitals and tried to talk the patient into going on an ambulance (protocol...