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    Paramedic Contracts Overseas

    Thanks for the input. I'm aware that I'm going to need more experience but I like thinking ahead. Thank you again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    Interesting. Im learning a lot, which is why I joined the site. Im just trying to figure it out now so in the future I'm making enough money to be happy and doing a job I like. Im just seeking comfort, just like everyone else. This is all good information to keep in mind.
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    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    Yeah, ive seen that reciprocity for everything in Cali is a pain in the ***. Ill keep this in the back of my mind for sure, I'm going to be getting my medic before i move anywhere, do i still need that phlebotomy cert for california if i have my EMT-P? Im pretty sure they don't even offer that...
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    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    Im a 25 yr old hispanic male who is a USN veteran. I might be going to california now lol
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    Where is the best place you've worked as an EMT-B?

    I saw on another post that you seemed set on Titusville? I don't know much about EMS and Fire up there but I know for sure paramedics are taken care of further down south. Virtually no where is hiring with a livable salary if they are even hiring at all for EMT-B's. Down south where you will be...
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    EMT-B moving to Titusville, FL?

    You're correct on assuming that Florida is heavily a fire-based state. Want a good job, with a good salary and benefits? Join one of the many FD's in the state of Florida. The farther south you go the more money you make (generally). I am in exactly the opposite boat of you. I'm hopefully...
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    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    My profile picture accurately depicts me thinking about my future lol. Especially when I think about moving. Thank you again though and I will definitely be searching for and reading those threads!
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    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    This is all great information to know. Thank you for going in depth about it. There are personal reasons on why I have to move shortly after I get out of the medic program. I do appreciate the response. Its hard to get a feel of a place when you do not live there. But once I move from florida I...
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    Anyone know if AEMT training exists in CA?

    When I first started pursuing this career field I was shocked on how different it can be according to the area, not just the state. Here in South Florida its unheard of to me of any AEMT's or even EMT's who have an IV cert. Its either EMT-B or Paramedic. Simple as that. Now I'm looking into...
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    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    Believe it or not I live in south Florida, not rural at all, and there is a big job market for RN's with only an ADN down here. Most of the people I know after passing the NCLEX had a job offer only a couple weeks later. Ive looked into nursing but I don't want to stay here in Florida. I want to...
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    Got my what?

    From my personal experience, being actually hands on in anything seems (for the most part) to be a better learning experience than learning from a book or on the internet. I say try to get a part time job and get that hands on experience if you are able to.
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    Law Enforcement / Medic

    being a swat medic is a dream of mine. to be realistic, I know its rare though. Good luck man! Hope you find something.
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    Got kicked out of paramedic school for disability, is this a sign?

    @RocketMedic original post was spot on. You have to become honest with your self. If you believe that your anxiety could EVER potentially harm/kill a person, do you really want to take that risk? I understand why you're holding on. You have invested a lot of time. Judging by your posts on this...
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    19 day EMT course?

    Is it possible? Yeah of course. Seeing as summer is (i believe?) only a week or two shorter than a regular semester it is definitely doable and I believe would be much more effective than a 19 day course. I think one reason why I liked my non accelerated course is because i got to interact and...
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    Paramedic Contracts Overseas

    Hey guys, Im new to the EMS life and waiting to hear a reply about my application to a local medic program that begins in august. Im pretty excited for it. But I have a couple of questions. I was in the Navy as military police for 5 years and then got out. Being in the Navy I never got the...
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    19 day EMT course?

    Ugh. I feel like a course like this is total BS and shouldn't even be an option. 19 days to learn the total amount of information you have to? Where I live, without driving 45+ minutes there are two main EMT-B courses offered in the immediate area. The local community college, which has a GREAT...
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    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    I understand. Its hard for an EMT-B in south Florida to find a job as well. Unless you go to fire and get your medic then you will most likely, eventually, get hired on to a fire department down here. Im hopefully going to start medic in the fall and after I am done and licensed I'm moving to...
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    Good study prep for NREMT?

    I loved I mainly just did practice quizzes in each section and actually learned a lot. It asked me questions that we never went over in class and more.
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    How can anyone manage to fail EMT BASIC?

    I also thought EMT-B was somewhat easy. The hardest part was making sure I actually understood the concepts and skills instead of just committing it to memory and regurgitating it for testing/skills day. Your friend could've been going through a lot and might have been distracted. This post...