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  1. FlamingFirefox

    Emergency the Tv show turns 50

    I don’t know what it is. But Something about these old shows that I like is the fact that they are easy to follow, simple and to the point. Not fancy or over the top like todays tv shows, which gives them a sense of realism.
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    Emergency the Tv show turns 50

    Not sure if I’m in the right section for this but here is a look back at the show and the origins of EMS.
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    Normal glucose levels not normal for Pt.

    Anyone ever worked with someone that if their BGL is normal they feel like their glucose is low they are jittery and feel weak. they need to be at like 150 or higher to feel normal. Has anyone experienced this with a someone?
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    Is Glucagon for unconscious hypoglycemia Pt. ?

    It’s possible that people on Diabetic meds will have a huge dive downwards Fast with their BGL and their own glucagon won’t be able to keep up. compared to a person with no meds and no diabetes if a person with no diabetes just has a case of hypoglycemia due to just not eating, will be able to...
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    Blood pressure an indicator of heart strength?

    systolic blood pressure is the pressure on the arteries when the heart contracts and diastolic is the pressure when the heart relaxes. Can we use the systolic to measure heart strength to push blood out? A very low systolic can be an indicator of a compromised heart? Just something that came to...
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    What exactly is diabetes type 2?

    I’ve seen many different texts and books describe diabetes type 2 differently. Some texts would say it’s the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or insulin that doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to the other one I hear is “insulin resistance” when the body builds a resistance to insulin...
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    Is Glucagon for unconscious hypoglycemia Pt. ?

    So to the best of my knowledge glucagon converts glycogen stored in the liver into glucose when glucose levels are low in circulation. My question is.. the body can detect low BGL thus producing glucagon to get more glucose out into the circulation. So if someone goes unconcious does that mean...
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    Federally Mandated Minimum Wage for EMTs and Paramedics Petition

    There are 4 groups of emts and medics out there right now which is why we have so much "supply" out there. 1. The ones that will do the job at any cost and for whatever pay and will stay there forever with complaints or none. 2. The ones just doing it just until they get into nursing school...
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    Where to practice skills to stay sharp in Florida

    So lets say that you don't use some of your EMT skills everyday. For example you work at an urgent care you might use some of your skills but very likely you're not going to lift some on to a stretcher or remove a helmet of a motorcycle rider or C-spine? Can you go to a training institute for...
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    American Medical Academy feedback

    I went to this school back in 2010 I basically picked this school because it was the only one I found that had one day a week for the Emt basic course that was convienient for me, basically the teachers tell you what you need to study, study it pass and so forth,nothing is spoon fed it's mostly...
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    Florida Emt license renewal question

    Not currently working as an Emt now but was the renewal this time 30 hours or 32 hours was the HIV 2 hour dropped from the renewal process can't find a straight answer to this question.
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    Florida CE provider question

    Hello everyone I haven't been here in a while. I'm not sure what to make of this but here goes. I did my 30 hour emt refresher with American medical academy in Miami online. I went with them because that was the school I got my Initial training and graduated from. Got my cerrtificated, and what...
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    Advanced EMT Pharmacology

    unfortunately,anatomy and physiology in Emt class is practically non-existent. when i did emt,we finished the anatomy chapter in 10 min.:blink:
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    Geocities called - they want their snow back

    Wow 56 degrees sounds nice,atleat it's cold over there,doesn't feel much like the holidays in Florida,last year was nice and cool,this year we've been bouncing between 70 and 85 degrees:sad:
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    Geocities called - they want their snow back

    The snow was a nice touch Yeah it was a little old school,but I liked it,I live in Florida so that might be the only snow I'll get this year.
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    Share your words of wisdom and acronyms

    I just remebered one that was something like. "Don't treat the the monitor/vital,treat the patient" and there is also "assess before you treat" very important to remember this if your taking the NR
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    Halfway through Dubin's Rapid Interpretation of EKG's book...

    Is this a good book for EMT-basics to read,just to get familiar with EKGs??
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    Share your words of wisdom and acronyms

    Ok I dont know if a thread like this one exists,i searched but could not find anything. I wanted everyone to share all the acronyms or EMS proverbs,you've learned in school or on the field,say for example. "BLS befor ALS" "Toilet paper my @ss" which is the flowing of blood through the...
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    Worried Student.

    Well Congratulations! you really gotta know your stuff to pass the NR,now dont stop there,keep learning,keep reading books or heck go for paramedic,now if paramedic is not for you,just be a well educated EMT. EMT basic is only going to teach you the basics to save someones life,now just start...
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    Very Odd

    change in body odor could sometimes be related to digestive issues,there could be issues with his liver,the liver stores glucose,maybe he's releasing stored glucose,thats what might cause the sweet body odor,just my 2 cents.