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  1. 300Medic

    NYS Conceal Carry

    Hi all, I am sure this has been a topic that many of you have had to face. I am looking for guidance... I have several members who are conceal carry permit holders and want to carry while on duty. Personally, I am struggling with this because while I support everyone's undeniable right to bear...
  2. 300Medic

    Now comes the clearing process...

    Hi all, I am just reaching out to see if anyone would like to share their clearing processes for drivers, new EMTs, and experienced EMTs. If possible send a copy of the papers you use. I am working on a project for my county and creating a universal clearing concept. Obviously this will be...
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    Administrative help.

    Good suggestion, I just sent out an email to DOH. Thank You Mike!
  4. 300Medic

    Administrative help.

    All, I am looking for some administrative help. The individual who was previously “running” our EMS portion of the department quit/got fired. By the looks of it I will be the lucky one doing most of the admin tasks. Can anyone provide me the requirements, such as NYSDOH 800 and CON that is...
  5. 300Medic

    NYS Volunteer Agency - non-emergency transport/transfer

    Can somebody help me out? I have been getting conflicting information about legalities concerning transports and transfers in NYS. We are a non billing agency. What are we allowed to do based off of CONs, and are there any resources available to read.
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    Awesome, thanks!
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    Hi all I am looking for recommendations for 2 things: 1) Best online school for EMS Management 2)Best college for EMS Management thanks in advance!
  8. 300Medic

    EMS Managemnet Software

    Hey everyone! I am looking for suggestions on EMS Managements software, I may be taking over a lieutenants position soon and would like to integrate utilization of management software... We currently use emscharts for our PCRs, does that have what I am looking for? otherwise I am looking...
  9. 300Medic

    Any 'younger' medics?

    Good to hear all the diversity! I'm 19... EMT/FF in NY, considering doing AEMT
  10. 300Medic

    Any 'younger' medics?

    Hey everyone, I just joined here... If there are any medics out there 18-22y/o that want to talk PM me. I am looking for people my age to swap stories with.