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  1. DeepFreeze

    pay differential in Massachusetts!?!

    Action Ambulance used to, I'm talking back in 2007. But they stopped shortly in 2008. I've heard that Cataldo/Bewster has a differential for ALS for weekends but not for overnight.
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    Great EMS Songs

    For all my full time ems peeps: Aloe Blacc "I need a dollar"
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    Con-Ed NREMT Question

    That is what I figured or at least my gut told me. I figured I'd hit this forum up because typically it is a great resource.
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    Con-Ed NREMT Question

    Hey everyone, I figure I'd post this here, as this is more of an NREMT question. Forgive me if this is the wrong place. So, With all this EBOLA "stuff" going on a company ( put on a 2 contact hour course on EBOLA. There was some squawk back and forth on facebook whether or not this...
  5. DeepFreeze

    AMR's DRT

    Wasn't there also an issue with the partying during Katrina/Rita? I remember hearing a something about that, and the argument of "Off Duty"/"deployment" came into affect. One of the benefits of being deployed, again because AMR DRT is being used by the gov't (correct me if I'm wrong), is that...
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    Where should I work as a new EMT in eastern MA

    Cat-Lantic While its true Cat-Lantic (Cataldo) won't put you in a dedicated 911 shift until you have some seniority. Try to apply and get into there "Somerville" Division. They tend to send BLS to more emergencies than most privates, and its a good mix of IFT and emergencies. Because of their...
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    CA EMT student on Judge Judy

    Its the same old formula for a Judge Judy show, I just hate how she throws the EMT student thing out there, as if she would get the court case dismissed.
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    How do you make your money?

    I'm also a full time Firefighter, EMS is my side gig. I used to do more road shifts, but now I'm getting into teaching (CPR/Lectures) a bit more (just thinking about the 5-10 year plan). That and i don't want to get a back injury on my side job. Kudos to all the Full time EMS providers, that...
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    CA EMT student on Judge Judy

    Found this gem on youtube: I was watching some judge judy as I was doing chores around the house and when I heard she was an EMT student, I had to watch. I wonder if she ever graduated EMT school, and/or ever got a job in CA as an EMT...
  10. DeepFreeze

    Dropped a Patient

    I mean are we talking a full flip over the side while full height to the stretcher? Or are we talking about out of the ambulance? Falls/Drops can happen, if you hurt the patient that sucks, if you hurt or injure your partner that is also bad. But we are all human and make mistakes. Do you...
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    Flexible Ambulance company Eastern MA

    where exactly are you looking for, like we talking Northshore? Or like Ipswich? Are you near metro-boston? What experience do you have?
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    Medical Necessity Form

    exactly my point! That is what I was getting at.
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    Medical Necessity Form

    Okay, so just wanted to clear up a rumor. I've worked for a couple private ambulance companies here in the Commonwealth of Mass and everyone says things differently. For Non-emergent Hospital-Hospital, Nursing home discharge, Hospital to facility transfers: A Medical Necessity form is...
  14. DeepFreeze

    Re certification help

    You can find cheaper or even free CE classes online. May I suggest for online CE's. Talk to local Volly or Professional Ambulance/Fire Departments too, they can steer you in the right direction (or mentor you) on how to recert
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    Anyone working for Boston EMS?

    Just wanted to second what Meursault mentioned. Cost of living in MA is really high compare to Georgia. A 1 small bedroom apartment is around 1300/month in a decent neighborhood, not including parking...and prices are going up. Since you have to be a resident of the city to live here. I know a...
  16. DeepFreeze

    EMS employment in MA

    I thought so, but for some reason I wasn't 100% on that. Thanks buddy. Also Cataldo is on a hiring freeze (unless you are a senior medic) looking for full time people. I heard American is hiring for big bucks apparently making some big moves again.
  17. DeepFreeze

    Fire Academy

    Like what other would say: I'd go with Its not as active as here, but a great place to start. It all depends on which academy you are looking at. Currently MA fire academy is around 10-13 weeks. The NH FF1 was about 2-3 months of two nights a week and every other saturday.
  18. DeepFreeze

    EMS employment in MA

    There is your issue possible. Under 21? Some places won't hire you because of insurance issues. Also what is H&H? Never heard of them and I'd like to think I know most ambulance companies in the greater Boston area. edit: How about driving record? I know a buddy of mine wasn't hired at Action...
  19. DeepFreeze

    Fallon EMS strength test and physical?

    I imagine that it would include a lift of 120 pounds or something around that. I think it is part of the standard ems test that many places require. Such as AMR and whatnot. Good luck. The test is to simulate you lifting your half of a stair chair or stretcher. If you can't do that, you...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    :birthday: :usa: :birthday: :usa: :birthday: :usa: :birthday: :usa: :birthday: :usa: okay finally got to use those, happy 4th of July everyone