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  1. SafetyPro2

    Paramedics return dead body through window of locked house

    The previous article linked to from the one above states he'd been removed from the house and placed in the ambulance out front when the base hospital nurse made the decision to pronounce and not transport, but it doesn't seem to explicitly say that whether or not the patient was in arrest prior...
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    County card?

    Yes, a valid EMT cert from any county is recognized in any other county in the state, so you only need to have one certification. It's generally best to be certified in the county you primarily work in, but you can work in multiple counties on any cert. I've been told that some counties may...
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    County card?

    For future reference, there's a page with links to all the Local/County EMS Offices on the California EMS Authority website. For the EMT-1 level, certification in any county certifies you state wide. Expanded scope can and does vary from county to county though, so be aware of that...for...
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    Motorcycle medics

    You mean like this? from - Vulcan Cowboy Hardhat
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    Motorcycle medics

    The concept is actually fairly common in parts of Europe and is gaining ground here in the U.S. as well. Daytona Beach F.D. has run a motorcycle paramedic program since 1994 primarily for the different special events (Bike Week, Speed Week, etc.) that are held in the city. Seattle just...
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    Steel toe or no??

    I'm a big fan of the Firefighter III boots from Firefighter Safety Center in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Same boot that LAFD is/was using. I got a pair about 4 years ago, used them heavily, and just retired them about a month or so ago (due to sole wear) for a new pair. They have a really wide toe box...
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    Where is everyone from?

    Saw this post pop back up, saw my name on the second post and realized it's all wrong now. :P I work in Santa Cruz, CA and live in Scotts Valley, CA.
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    SafetyPro is back in service

    Nobody is more surprised than I am, believe me. ;) The position was posted last October. At the time, as many of you know, I was looking for a new job in this field (emergency management) and wanting to leave LA. I saw a brief description of the job on a job posting forum I frequent run by the...
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    NREMT Certification Testing...?

    When I was considering taking the NREMT exam (due to possibly moving out of state), I got Mosby's EMT-B Certification Preparation and Review. I'm sure there are other ones out there, but the description on Amazon specifically mentioned the national test and I've been happy with a few other Mosby...
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    EMTs with long hair

    Full beards are pretty much never gonna be allowed out here in California due to the Cal/OSHA respiratory protection standards. Simple fact is, if you're an EMT, you have to be able to wear at least an N95 respirator, and having any facial hair in the sealing surface of the respirator precludes...
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    SafetyPro is back in service

    Thanks's good to be back. Unfortunately not. We used to have a student firefighter program, but that was ended about 8 years ago...we're now fully career.
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    cough cpr for heart attack

    I get this question occasionally in CPR classes, and usually point them to the American Heart Association's Cough CPR website. I believe there's a statement about it in my ARC instructor's manual too...will have to go check tomorrow.
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    First calls

    Wasn't my first, but my second call during my field training ride-along was a single rider fatal motorcycle accident. Was riding along with an LA County FD ALS squad, and when we got on-scene, PD already had the rider covered up. He'd been going about 40-50 and hit a center divider and was...
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    Strangest personal vehicles for EMS calls?

    We have an Engineer in Sierra Madre who bicycles to and from work. One morning, there was an EMS call about a block off his route just as he was riding by, so he stopped. Only time I've ever done C-spine with the lead EMT in spandex shorts (thankfully!)
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    SafetyPro is back in service

    Since I've been gone so long, figured reintroductions were in order. My name's Chris. I'm a long-absent moderator here, have been a member of the forum since back in 2004 (wow, time flies and all that). I've been gone for awhile due to a lot of other calls on my personal time, but am back now...
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    Renewing CA Ambulance Driver's Cert

    In CA, you have to have an Ambulance Driver certificate on your driver's license to drive an ambulance for a private company or for a volunteer fire department. Paid firefighters are exempt from the requirement (long story, don't get me started). In any event, to answer the original question...
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    I'm Done!

    Congrats, Matt. As the husband of a former teacher, I know what a process that can be (even though my wife never went through certification). Way to go!
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    What do you all carry with you (on your person)?

    In station uniform, I have a glove case on my belt and a clip-on sheath with my Leatherman. If its at night, I have the same type of clip-on sheath with a Scorpion flashlight that I also put on. In turnout pants, I also have a glove case, a full-size flashlight, a pair of shears and a pair of...
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    Nextel Here

    I had Nextel with my last job and loved it. We used it a lot since we were spread out over a wide geographic area (pipeline company). This was in the pre-Sprint days, so service was terrible up here, but since then it seems to have improved.
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    Vehicle Over-the-Side

    The dam operator had apparently heard the crash himself, so he was probably outside looking. The driver's lucky that anyone knew it happened. The road has been closed to the public for a couple of years now (first due to fire danger, then due to severe mudslide damage). Its been repaired and is...